Campus computer labs are for educational purposes only. Let's make the labs useful to everyone by following these guidelines! Habitual violators may be banned from lab use.


  • Use cell phones in labs at any times under any conditions (if you must use a cell phone for any reason you will be asked to step out of the lab to continue your call)
  • Bring food or drinks into lab, including gum.
  • Use tobacco products in lab.
  • Play games in lab.
  • Work in pairs or groups. 
  • Enter lab if a class is in session.
  • Check out more than one CD at a time.
  • Play personal music in lab computers without earphones.
  • Change software preferences (desktop pattern, time, homepage location).
  • Save any personal files to hard drives.
  • Install any 'foreign' (e.g., non standard) software to lab computers.
  • Download or stream recreational audio or video files.
  • Bring your own laptop or personal computer into the lab to use.


  • Remain quiet at all times in the homework labs.
  • Save all your files to a CD or flash drive.
  • Return all lab material (CDs and manuals) to Lab Assistant when leaving labs. Return keyboard, monitor, mouse and chair to normal position when leaving.
  • Leave 5 minutes prior to a class starting.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Follow campus guidelines for  'Acceptable Use Policy' of computers.
  • Report violators to your lab assistant.