The University of West Georgia will no longer use DUO as the Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) beginning October 2020. We are transitioning to the OneLogin Portal. If you are currently using DUO, please use set up OneLogin MFA option by following the steps below. 

  • Setting Up a New MFA Option

    1. Visit the UWG OneLogin Portal and sign into OneLogin.

    OneLogin login screen

    2. Select your name in the upper right corner (or the menu icon in the upper left on mobile devices) and select "Profile".

    3. Select "Security Factors" on the left menu. On mobile devices, open the "Profile" dropdown menu and select "Security Factors".

    "Profile" dropdown list.

    4. On this screen you will see your current MFA factors. Select "Add Factor" to add a new factor.

    Security Factors - Add Factor button

    5. Choose a new factor from the list and follow the prompts.
    Please note: The simplest and most efficient method is to download and use the OneLogin Protect app from iTunes or the Google Play store. However, the use of SMS or a security key are additional options.

    6. Follow the prompts to continue setting up your preferred MFA method.
    Please note: UWG recommends that you have more than one method. Example: You can have both the OneLogin Protect & SMS option.

    List of Security Factors
  • Set New MFA Factor as Primary

    7. Set your new MFA factor as your Primary factor by selecting the three dots to the right of the MFA device selected and choose the "Set as primary" option.

    Set as primary option

  • Rename Your MFA for Easier Identification (Optional)

    8. You can choose to rename your MFA to make it easier to identify your MFA device by selecting the three dots to the right of your MFA device and choosing "Edit name". 

    Edit name option.

  • Validate Your New MFA Works

    9. Sign out of OneLogin and then log in to OneLogin again to verify that your new MFA factor works properly.

    OneLogin login screen.
  • Remove DUO as a MFA

    10. After you confirm that your MFA is set up, remove DUO as an option in the OneLogin portal to avoid confusion. Select the three dots to the right of the DUO enabled MFA factor and choose the "Remove" option.

    Remove option

    11. Follow the prompts to complete the removal of DUO for OneLogin.

For more information on OneLogin, please refer to the OneLogin FAQ.