On Campus

Microsoft Campus Agreement (MCA) is an annual licensing program specifically created to address the unique software needs of higher education institutions. Because of its innovative design which licenses users rather than computers, Campus Agreement is an optimal choice for institutions looking to streamline and economize their software distribution. This makes it an affordable and efficient platform from which to standardize programs in order to enhance productivity. Campus Agreement also allows faculty/staff*  and students to subscribe to select Microsoft products for a 12-month period and have access to current updates at a significantly reduced cost. This makes it an affordable and efficient platform from which to standardize programs in order to enhance productivity.

At Home

Campus Agreement also allows faculty and staff to subscribe to select Microsoft products at a significantly reduced cost. Please note: employees who are non-computer users, such as maintenance or food service staff, may be excluded from the faculty and staff counts.

  • Does this mean faculty and staff may install the licensed software on their personal computer?

    Yes. The Microsoft Campus Agreement licenses faculty and staff to use licensed software on campus and also allows licensed faculty and staff the option to load one copy of the product for institution - related work on a laptop OR home computer. Resale, copying or distribution of software is NOT permitted.

  • Are faculty and staff allowed to install the licensed software on multiple computers?

    No. The terms of the Microsoft Campus Agreement indicate that only one license per computer is allowed.

    Does this mean I am allowed to request multiple copies of any one product?

    No. The license agreement specifically restricts us to be allowed only ONE copy of any one application, with the current release of MS Office for PC and for MAC being one and the same. This means we are not allowed to receive a license for both Office 2010 and for MAC 2011. We are only allowed one or the other.

  • What products are included?

    Microsoft Campus Agreement for the University of West Georgia includes the following products:

    • Microsoft Windows® 7 Ultimate
    • Microsoft Windows® Vista Ultimate Operating System UPGRADE
    • Microsoft Office 2010, Professional Plus Edition
    • Microsoft Office 2011 for Macintosh
  • When does the license end?

    The Campus Agreement is an annual licensing program which means that the software is typically licensed for a 12 month period. If the contract is not renewed by UWG, all faculty and staff will be notified and all versions of the software must be removed. Also, since your home usage is only licensed under your employment with UWG, any software that you may have installed on your home pc must be removed if your employment with UWG ends or the contract expires without renewal.

  • May I keep the software on my home computer indefinitely?

    No. If the contract is not renewed by UWG, all versions of the software must be removed. Also, since your home usage is only licensed under your employment with UWG, any software that you may have installed on your home pc must be removed if your employment with UWG ends or the contract expires without renewal.

  • Does the license include upgrades to newer versions of licensed products?

    Yes. The agreement grants you the option, "during the term of this agreement to run the most current version, or any previous version of the Software." During the term of your campus agreement when new versions of the software release, you have the automatic right to those upgrades. You also have the right to run any previous version of the software as needed. These upgrade and downgrade rights also apply to the individual components of the software.

  • Where do I find system requirements for the licensed products?

    System requirements for all licensed products may be found by visiting this page of our site or at http://www.microsoft.com/.

  • Does the license include technical and/or product support?

    MCA does not include technical support. However, information on obtaining Microsoft product support can be found at http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx or by calling the Microsoft support sales team at (800)936-3200.

    By participating in Microsoft Campus Agreement, you obtain a membership to the Software Assurance program. Members are eligible for several resources to help with the use of software. For more information about Software Assurance, please visit http://www.microsoft.com/Education/SoftwareAssurance.mspx.

  • May I resell or give my software to someone else?

    No. Licenses are non-transferable. Possession of unlicensed software and resale of licensed software are both violations of the Agreement. UWG and/or Microsoft may pursue any violations.

    Where can I obtain more information about Microsoft Campus Agreement?

    Detailed information can be obtained online via the Microsoft Campus Agreement Website at http://www.microsoft.com/Education/CampusAgreement.mspx.

  • What if I am enrolled as both a Faculty/Staff member and Student?

    When a faculty/staff member is also enrolled as a student at the university, licensing is based on their primary assignment within the university, which means a full time employee is not eligible to receive the software as a student, but must request it through the faculty/staff MCA program.

  • What if my personal computer is permanently damaged because of a crash. May I request a new license?

    No. Per the license agreement, once a copy has been requested and received, we are not eligible again until a new version of the software application has been released by Microsoft.

  • What if I misplace my disks or key code and need to re-install the software on my computer?

    It is very important that the software and key codes are stored in a safe place! We are bound by license agreement and therefor are unable to help you if the disks have been lost.
    However, when a member of UWG faculty or staff has the disks, but lost the keycode, we are able to help! Please submit an email request to mca@westga.edu and let us know exactly which software you need the code for.

  • What is SRS?

    The official SRS FAQ is located here.

  • I still have not received an email?

    Emails are delivered within 2 business days of software registration. You will receive an email with your order information and order number from SRS, and an email from onthehub.com with a link to follow with instructions to proceed with registration. Also, please be sure that you registered with your ‘my.westga.edu’ email address. This is needed to verify your status as a student.

  • Is it going to mail me something because it is asking for a mailing address?

    The set-up process through SRS will ask for a physical mailbox mailing address and states that it will send via UPS Ground. Although your software will not be sent to a physical address it is still needed for you to enter in your address (or the university’s) for the process to complete. Your software information will be emailed to you.

  • Why is it telling me I need a blank burnable disk?

    A burnable disk is needed in order to load Windows 7 operating system on your computer. A burned image file (.iso) is needed on a blank DVD disk so that you may boot your computer from the disk. Free image burning software such as ImgBurn will aid you in this process. The download instructions will lead you this process (a link provided prior to installation). 

  • What do I do if my internet cuts out in the middle of the download?

    If your download does not complete and it cuts you off in the middle of the process, you may resume the process once more. If you are unable to complete the download please ensure that you have saved your product key and the version of software that you have downloaded (Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, Microsoft Office 2010 or Office Mac 2011) and bring your student ID, laptop and charger, or desktop to SITS in Cobb Hall 122 and the SITS office can install the software for you.

  • Can I put Windows 7 on my Mac?

    As the software for Windows operating system is an upgrade you will be unable to install Windows 7 on your Mac computer.

  • How do I know if I need 32bit or 64bit?

    You can find out whether your computer is 32bit or 64bit in a few different ways (for Windows):
    *If your computer has less than 4GB of RAM then you are most likely using a 32bit  processor.
    *Click on the Start or the Windows logo on the bottom left of your desktop. Click on ‘Computer/My Computer’ and select ‘System Properties.’ The bit is listed under ‘System’ by ‘System Type.’
    * Click on the Start or the Windows logo on the bottom left of your desktop. Right click ‘Computer/My Computer’ and select properties. The bit is listed under ‘System’ by ‘System Type.’

  • What is my product/license key?

    Your product key is the 25-digit code provided to you during the registration process sent to you in the second email. The key is provided in red and is a series of 5 characters in sets of 5 (e.g. XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX). This key is very important so do not lose it. You can print the page where this key is provided or you may write your key down. Regardless, please be sure to make and keep a record of your key. This will be needed to activate your software. Otherwise, your software will state that it is ‘Unlicensed’ or not genuine.

  • It says that the download is available for only a month. Does that mean I'll only have the software for one month?

    Once you register and request the software, and once it becomes available to you, you will have one month that the software will be available to download. This does not mean that you will only have the software itself for one month. You will have the software indefinitely once it is installed. Please be sure to install all software included with your request (e.g. Microsoft Lync and Business Manager) if you want to have it along with your main download as these will become unavailable after one month has passed.

  • Can I keep any previous versions of Microsoft after the download?

    You may choose the option to keep a previous version of Microsoft once the installation process is underway; however, having multiple versions running may cause conflict on your system. It may be best to upgrade to the most previous version, in this case the software that you are downloading.

  • Will I lose any of my files if I remove a previous version of Microsoft before downloading?

    No. All files associated with Microsoft/Mac (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc.) will remain on your computer during the interim of removing previous versions and installing the downloaded version. However, the files will not be able to be opened in the interim due to the related word processor or software not being currently on your computer. Once you install the downloaded version your files will become accessible.