General Information General Security
Email and Communication Attacks and Threats
Privacy Mobile Technology
Safe Browsing Software and Applications

Security Tip Break Down:

General Information: This section provides you with general information about security tips. Such as "Why IT Provides Security Tips", and the importance of these security tips.

General Security: This section addresses general security measures that are highly recommended to system users on a daily/weekly basis. These measures are geared towards providing you the user with as much information you need to know to ensure that you are educated in protecting your system.

Safe Browsing: These tips have been provided to users to better educate in potential risks and hazards that may arise in shopping online or through regular surfing and browsing.

Email and Communications: With social network pages on the rise, and phishing scheme's constantly in the news. The ITS department has created a handful of security tips that will help to ensure you are properly educated in the property security measures that you can take to ensure that you are not a victim of a social media crisis, phishing scheme, and also prevent Email viruses.

Privacy: General privacy tips that everyone should take part in to ensure that their personal work area is secure.

Mobile Devices: USB Drives and Laptop security tips. These tips will ensure that users are able to avoid security risks.

Software and Applications: Within this section you will be provided with important information regarding: patches, spyware, effective password protection, and the importance of backing-up data. 

Attacks and Threats: This section is very important, it provides users with current research and information regarding potential threats and ways they can be prevented on your system's computer through daily usage.