From time to time it is necessary to put some of our systems and/or services in a slowed or unavailable state to perform maintenance.  This is critical to the overall heath of our systems and delivery of service.

ITS reserves Sundays from 7:00 am to 11:00 am EST as a maintenance window for regularly scheduled maintenance to our systems and services.  ITS will notify the campus in advance whenever we intend to use this maintenance window.

The University System of Georgia hosts Course Den for West Georgia and reserves alternating Fridays from 10:00 pm until 7:00 am the following morning for maintenance.  You can find more information here

In addition to the regularly scheduled maintenance window, the following maintenance is planned:

Service   Date  More Information
Banner  11/21/2011-11/25/2011  *TENTATIVE* Banner
Blackboard HP  12/12/2011-12/16/2011  Upgrade will occur over Winter Break

We are in the process of upgrading our wireless coverage campus wide.  This will require new equipment installations resulting in temporary service disruptions to wireless service.  The schedule of upgrades resulting in temporary service disruptions is listed below.

 Service  Date  Buildings Effected
Wireless  9/28/2011  Boyd, Cobb, Bonner Hose, Library, Bookstore, Newnan
Wireless  10/4/2011  Melson Hall, Gunn Hall, Callaway Building, Art Annex
Wireless 10/5/2011  Martha Monroe, Old Auditorium, Geography, Richards College of Business
Wireless 10/6/2011  Mandeville\Parker Hall, Sanford Hall, Adamson Hall
Wireless 10/11/2011  Row Hall
Wireless 10/12/2011  The UCC, Murphy Athletics Center
Wireless 10/13/2011  The Campus Center
Wireless 10/18/2011  TLC
Wireless 10/19/2011  The Humanities Building, Bonner Lecture Hall
Wireless 10/20/2011  Boykin Hall, TPAC, Downs Hall, Printing and Publications, Bowdon Hall
Wireless 10/25/2011  The Infirmary - Health Services
Wireless 10/27/2011  The Coliseum
Wireless 10/28/2011   The College of Education, The College of Education Annex
Wireless 11/1/2011  Bilology Building, Strozier Hall, Strozier Annex
Wireless 11/2/2011  Aycock Hall, Watson Hall
Wireless 11/3/2011  University Suites 1, 2, & 3, University Suites Commons
Wireless 11/8/2011  Stadium Complex
Wireless 11/10/2011  The Alumni House, The Visitors Center, The Honors House
Wireless 11/15/2011   Z6/Food Services
Wireless 11/16/2011  Arbor View A, B, and C
Wireless 11/17/2011   Facilities, The Waring Building, The Observatory, Tyus Hall
Wireless  TBD  Greek Village Commons, Greek Village Dorms