myUWG is an innovative tool designed to simplify the process of using email, Banweb, CourseDen and more. It provides a central login and url for access to most everything a student needs at UWG.

myUWG for Students Information


Note: If you do not know your UWG ID, visit Enter your Student ID (917 number) to have your UWG ID displayed. If you do not know your Student ID, you may enter your Social Security Number.

Please be sure you have set up your UWG ID and password. The information on this page should be helpful: Please be sure to read the information under Student Initial Registration.

MyUWG features a broad variety of online tools and information for students. Most of the information is categorized using "tabs" and "channels."

When you first log in to MyUWG, you will notice a series of "tabs" near the top of the screen. Each tab contains a specific family of information and channels, the most common of which are outlined below.

  • Main Tab: The main tab is designed for quick and easy access to the most basic online tools at UWG. Under this tab, you will receive announcements, news, events, weather and be able to preview email and your calendar.
  • Self-Service Banner Tab: The Self-Service Banner tab provides automatic access to Self-Service Banner. Self-Service Banner is a secure, online tool used to manage student information. Through Self-Service Banner, students can register and perform typical student tasks from the comfort of their own home or dorm room.
  • My Courses Tab: This tab features information regarding the individual courses you are registered for including distance education courses.
  • My Resources Tab: This tab contains links and information to almost everything a student will need at UWG. You will find information here regarding student activities, financial aid, career services and more.
  • My Campus Tab: This tab contains links and information pertaining to the physical campus. You will find information here regarding dorms, parking, dining, etc.
  • Support / Help Tab: The Support/Help tab is designed to direct students appropriately if they need support or assistance. You will find information here regarding student technical support, academic support, and more.

On each tab you will notice a series of boxes similar to windows. These boxes are known as "channels."

Some tabs and channels can be moved, closed or minimized allowing you to customize your view of MyUWG. For help customizing MyUWG, click the "Help" icon near the top right of your screen.

If you're having problems with your password, please visit There are options to reset your password or unlock your account. If you haven't set up your UWG ID and password, you'll also need to go to in order to use many services available to you at UWG.