The University of West Georgia offers high-speed Internet access to students in UWG residence halls. ResNet, short for Residential Network, provides Internet access at speeds up to 175 times faster than a 56K modem. ResNet provides "one port per pillow;" that is, each student has a connection, rather than just one connection per room.

In-room access to the Internet provides numerous advantages. ResNet provides accessibility to resources available via the Internet. Campus on-line resources continue to expand, such as BanWeb registration and student information, e-mail and supplemental course-related resources. Entire courses are even being taught on the web. With ResNet, there is no waiting for a computer to become available in a campus lab and the connection is available from your room, day or night. Plus, students do not have to tie up their phone line or pay extra fees to an Internet Service Provider.

UWG Residence halls are wired with 10-baseT (also known as twisted pair) Ethernet cable. All adapters must have a 10-baseT (10 Megabits/second) Ethernet Connection. Students also need to be sure that they have appropriate drivers for the network adapter they intend to use.

What's Required?

A ResNet compatible personal computer. (See Recommended and Minimum configurations.)

  • A 10-baseT OR 10/100-baseT Ethernet card and its supplied drivers diskette.
  • Category 5 Ethernet cable of appropriate length. (Telephone Cables WILL NOT work. Only use Ethernet Cable!)
  • Operating System CD. (Win 2000/ME/XP or Mac OS)
  • A web browser.
What is ResNet Compatible?

Users who have purchased or are purchasing a new PC or Mac will likely meet the Highly Recommended requirements easily. Older systems must meet the configuration outlined as Minimum Required and still may experience degraded overall performance.

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How to Find Your Computer Specifications