Memorandum of Understanding


  • Student Information Technology Services (SITS) provides a free service to currently enrolled UWG students to help find solutions to their problems with personal computers.
  • SITS operates under the supervision of Information Technology services (ITS). It is managed by Graduate Assistants and a group of Student Assistants with an adequate background of computer skills and knowledge.

*The limitations and the requirements of services are listed below:

Response Time:

  • SITS staff will attempt to give first assessment in one business day from when the student dropped his/her system to SITS center. This response time may be longer because of vacant positions, financial constraints or due to the huge demand specifically during the first weeks of the Fall semester.

Resolution Time:

  • The resolution time is the time it takes to solve a problem. The resolution time is different for each situation and cannot be determined until the appropriate support professional has evaluated the problem and is able to determine an approximate resolution time.

Priority Level:

  • The organization and arrangement will be based on the time that the computers will be taken to SITS. "First in-First out (FIFO)" concept will be carried out during all resolutions.

Severity Level:

  • Unlike priority levels, severity levels are a more objective and absolute way to classify the impact of an issue. Severity should be based on the overall level of impedance that the User is experiencing. Some severity level problems resolution, such as critical, may take more time or more technical skill level than others which may constitute a change of the priority level.

Severity Level Definition Examples:

  • Critical: User cannot get a response from the computer. Hard drive failure, operating system failure or other serious hardware problems.
  • High: User cannot conduct his/her daily duties with the computer. CD-ROM or floppy drive problems, complete application failure.
  • Medium: Problem does not prevent the User from doing his/her daily duties; however the problem exists for some time. Word processing or browser application errors.
  • Low: Customer needs information only. Some hints about computers and some information about hardware/software updates.

Problem Escalation:

  • SITS has a goal of resolving routine problems within 24 hours. The first level response will be the student assistant on duty. If he/she cannot solve the problem during his/her scheduled work hours, the call will be handled by the next scheduled student assistant. When SITS is unable to resolve technical problems, it will be transferred to ITS staff. Problem resolution may vary depending on ITS staff's availability and their priority of daily duties.
  • Any assessment that requires replacement parts or hardware will not be released without the approval of an ITS staff.


  • SITS provides this service only for currently enrolled UWG students. SITS will make every reasonable effort to meet the needs of the User in providing services outlined in the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). However, SITS will NOT be held responsible for investigating or resolving problems not defined in this agreement. The User will be notified in person, by phone or by electronic mail within one business day if any request cannot be honored under the limitations of this agreement.
  • The User is responsible for calling SITS and providing technical details of the computer and the problem. SITS will work on any personal computer to help the User. However, there may be some support limitations for Macintosh, laptop computer repairs and other mobile devices. The User is only required to bring the tower also known as central processing unit (CPU) or laptop and its charger cable, thus there will be no need for them to bring keyboard, mouse, monitor (display) or printer.
  • The student must be the owner of the hardware and software of the computer. The User is required to sign the ownership of the computer, originality and the authenticity of the software besides the ownership part.
  • Any replacement parts or software costs are the responsibility of the user. SITS can give recommendations on replacement parts or software of prospective vendors upon request. Once the diagnosis has been made, the system will be returned to the owner to acquire the replacement parts/software. Once the student provides the necessary parts, SITS will repair it at their first available time. Because of limited space and of other limitations and procedures, SITS cannot dispose or recycle malfunctioned parts and will be returned to the User.
  • Additionally, SITS cannot be responsible for any data stored in the computer; student should have a back up for the data before bringing his/her computer to SITS. SITS will make every reasonable effort to keep the confidentiality and the integrity of the data. The User is responsible to provide necessary user ID(s) and passwords and to reset it upon receiving the computer at the resolution of the call.
  • If SITS fails to gain contact with a student after multiple contact attempts (via phone and/or email), their computer will be turned over to the University Police as a lost/found item.