Cybercrime Expands

Mardel Shumake speaks with SecureWork's Taylor Murphy at a podium

October marked the 15th year of the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) initiative to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. UWG participated in this collaborative effort between government and industry this year, as it has every NCSAM, by providing online tips and awareness events. NCSAM 2018 events focus on two main areas; (1) managing your Google Account security and privacy and (2) cybercrime.

We held two hands on Google Account security and privacy sessions. Mardel Shumake, Kathy Kral, and Emmanuel Annan assisted attends in identifying and changing certain Google Accounts settings that help to control, protect, and secure privacy and safeguard data. The sessions also helped people better understand how to view the details of their account activity to determine if someone else might be fraudulently using the account.

SecureWorks’ Taylor Murphy, Sr. Security & Compliance Consultant, conducted an event focusing cybercrime. This event especially helped people recognized suspicious and often fraudulent email. Helping people avoid following victim to emails intended to extort money or information is a priority at UWG. Taylor’s presentation increases UWG’s ability to do that.

Helpful takeaways for NCSAM 2018:

  • Learn about and understand your Google Account security and privacy settings
  • Learn how to view and understand your Google Account activity
  • Learn how to spot fraudulent email:
    • Hover over embedded links to see if the link address looks weird.
    • Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
    • Beware of urgent or threatening language in the subject line.
    • Don't click on attachments you weren't expecting.
    • Don't trust the displayed sender name. Most email clients have "details" option to let you view the sender's email address.

Contact ITS for help understanding and using these takeaways.

New Bandwidth Technology Arrives

Two people using computers.

ITS deployed new bandwidth shaping technology across the UWG networks in the Summer of 2018. The purpose for upgrading was to improve end-user experience with faster downloads and uploads across all wired and wireless networks. ITS tested several technologies before selecting a bandwidth shaping appliance that performs advanced Quality of Service (QoS) utilizing equalizing behavior-based algorithms. The new technology shapes UWG’s internet traffic by applying fairness rules to allocate network bandwidth resources evenly across UWG’s entire user base.

In conjunction with the new bandwidth shaping appliances ITS increased the campus internet bandwidth connection from 1G to 1.7G. Housing and Residence Life increased their internet bandwidth connection from 1G to 2G. The additional bandwidth was implemented before the start of Fall Semester and has had a positive impact on UWG’s internet experience.

As UWG implements more cloud based services and applications proper bandwidth sizing and management will be crucial to end-user success.


Banner 9 Improvements Coming Soon

10 members of the Banner 9 team.

ITS deployed the new Banner 9 Application Navigator and Administrative Pages in September. These replace the old Banner 8 forms and provide the campus with a new modern web interface into the Banner system that no longer depends on a Java desktop client.

The success of the roll-out came as a result of a partnership between ITS and all campus Banner users who spent months testing their functional processes in the new system, attending training sessions, and serving as early adopters.

The next phase of this project will focus on implementing the new Banner 9 Self-Service modules that will replace Banweb (Self-Service Banner).


New Dashboards

Screenshot of RPG Dashboard displaying graphs

ITS Information Solutions and SAEM (Student Affairs and Enrollment Management) have been working together to expand Self Service Reporting options to include data analytics dashboards that allow SAEM to more easily view and analyze historical enrollment data. One example is the new enrollment dashboard which also includes new charting and reporting options. The dashboards will be available soon.




Team Spotlight

Group photo of ITS Client Services Staff

ITS Client Services
Client Services is the ITS customer-facing department with several areas of expertise
designed to assist the UWG campus.

  1. ITS Service Desk is the first point of contact for UWG students, faculty, and staff
    to report problems and request services.
  2. Administrative and Academic Technical Field Support provides computer, printer,
    and Audio Visual support to the campus.
  3. Multimedia Services provides equipment, graphic services, and special events
  4. SITS (Student Information Technology Services) provides consultation,
    troubleshooting and repair services for student-owned equipment. For more
    information and availability, visit SITS website.

SITS is on the Move!

Concept render of new SITS location.

ITS is pleased to announce that Student Information Technology Services (SITS) is moving from the first floor of Cobb Hall on Front Campus Drive to the first Floor of the Library! This partnership with the Library gives our students much easier access to all the support services we provide to students, which includes trouble-shooting, repair, virus, malware removal, and more! Construction will continue throughout November. We will continue to operate out of Cobb Hall through the end of the Fall semester and open with full services for students in the Library starting in Spring of 2019!