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The Women in Technology Summit is an annual University System of Georgia event that is attended by women and men from all 26 public universities in Georgia and beyond and is aimed at improving the diversity gap-specifically in technology-and more broadly in STEM-related careers.

The Summit is an educational networking event that explores the gender and racial
gap in STEM careers, spotlights efforts underway to bridge the gap, highlights the benefits associated with diversity and inclusion, and encourages participants to become engaged in moving the needle in this area.

The 2018 University System of Georgia Women in Technology Summit will be hosted by the University of West Georgia on July 20, 2018 from 8:00 AM-3:30 PM at the University of West Georgia Campus Center Ballroom.

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ITS Wins Division of the Year

Dozens of ITS staff gathered for a group photo.Best of the West trophy and certificate 

Dell Presents New Technology

People peruse the Dell Tech ExpoITS and Dell teamed up to present the latest technology at the Dell Tech Expo. The campus event featured XPS laptops, digital signs, a 34-inch curved monitor, and the Dell Canvas interactive drawing surface. Attendees were provided hands-on opportunities to try the devices.




OneUSG: Secure Payroll and Benefits!

Duo Logo

The transition to OneUSG is the culmination of over three years of planning to move the University System of Georgia (USG) institutions to a single payroll and benefits system. Some of the primary goals of this transition include system-wide cost savings, ease of employee transition across the USG, and better insight into the overall people management environment across the USG.

ITS supported this transition through three key areas: project management, multi-factor authentication implementation, and data integration. The ITS Project Management Office provided a project manager to act as the liaison between the USG OneUSG Project Team and the UWG Project Team. Through this role, many campus activities were coordinated and communicated to ensure a successful transition to the new system.

One of the more obvious actions from ITS was the implementation of the multi-factor authentication tool Duo. Responding to a directive by the USG CIO that access to OneUSG will use multi-factor authentication as an added layer of security, ITS worked diligently to ensure that this service was implemented and available for go-live. The effort to stand up a new-to-UWG system that all employees would use in less than three months was significant. ITS teams in System Administration, Web Innovations, Service Desk, Client Services, and the Project Management Office all worked together to create the system environment and then pilot, document, communicate, and roll-out the Duo application before OneUSG Go-Live date.

Finally, members of the Information Solutions team worked with the UWG OneUSG project team to ensure that data integrations formerly dependent upon data from ADP would continue to function correctly with OneUSG. This included work associated with the ePAR system and our Argos reporting application.

Overall, nearly every ITS staff members was involved with the transition to OneUSG whether in the preparations for Go-Live or in the time since. The move to the OneUSG system has served to demonstrate how a division working collectively can benefit the institution as a whole.


Engaging in Team Building

 The Information Technology Services Division engages in team building exercises at Historic Banning Mills in Whitesburg, GA. Activities include zip-lining and traversing through the Crazy Squirrel Village obstacle course high above ground, as well as the competitive GPS Adventure Challenge.


Employee of the Year

Kyle Youngs

Kyle Youngs
Information Technology Services

Kyle Youngs was recognized for his outstanding contribution to the university community. He was presented with the 2018 Employee of the Year award at the annual Best of the West end of year event.


Digital Spring Cleaning

Nonprofit association Educause, whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of technology, recommends a digital spring cleaning to clear out cyber clutter. Tips to make sure your information is safe and secure include:Two students using a laptop outside on grass, in front of campus fountain.

  1. Clean out email
  2. Delete unused apps on your mobile devices
  3. Review and purge un-needed digital records and files on your PC
  4. Back up data to cloud storage or another computer
  5. Ensure you have the latest software updates to reduce the risk of malware
  6. Review website privacy settings to ensure you are comfortable with what you are sharing