ITS Welcomes Back Faculty and Staff


Two members of ITS assist a student at a table in the Ingram Library.

We are ready to support our students, faculty, and staff for the 2017 Fall semester.

ITS was on site at the Ingram Library the first week of classes to assist with the new campus wireless WelcomeWest and SecureWest. Hundreds of new and returning students, faculty, and staff came to ITS to troubleshoot their connectivity issues with ease.




Simple. Fast. Secure.

WelcomeWest. New Wireless Coming Fall 2017. UWG | Information Technology Services

WelcomeWest. Connect now to the new Wireless.

ITS has streamlined the way in which the wireless network is accessed.

1. Open your settings and connect your device to WelcomeWest
2. Open your preferred web browser and load
3. Click the Faculty/Staff/Student link and log in using your UWG ID and password
4. Click Get Key and your Access Key will be displayed and emailed to you
5. Connect your device to SecureWest
6. Enter the Access Key when prompted


Disaster Recovery at UWG


Four people working on large devices in the data center.

 The University's data is extremely important and ITS works very hard to protect all aspects of this data from both inside and outside influences. One of the tools that is used to protect the integrity of the University's data is the Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (DRBC) site in Bremen, GA. The DRBC is used to store the University's essential data in a way that is up-to-date and accessible were something to happen to the data center on the main campus (pictured).

Data that is created here on the main campus is electronically replicated and stored at the DRBC site in Bremen for emergency and disaster type situations. This allows for the University to have at their fingertips a full copy of all the data that has been created and stored in all the applications and databases here on campus.

If the situation should arise the goal is to be able to create, while not as robust or fast as our main data center, a working environment that will allow for the University to continue to function and provide all the critical services our students, faculty and staff need. To this end, the DRBC needs to replicate the infrastructure and electronic environment here on the main campus which means the same type of upkeep, installation, and maintenance of equipment and software as the main data center. 

Accessibility Initiative is in Progress

Accessibility is a high priority issue for UWG. To ensure technology resources are available and accessible, an accessibility advisory group has been chartered with a mission to review the current level of compliance, including the campus web site, and apply standards such as the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.This level of compliance is intended to allow all users to more easily use our technology resources.

The accessibility advisory group is being led by Ewa Zennerman in UCM. Members from ITS participating in the project include Kathy Kral, Denny Chasteen, Bob Chesser, and Andrew Nelson. The ITS Web Innovations Team has been working on accessibility compliance over the past two years with the WebForce project which included a new web site design, a new Content Management System (OU Campus CMS), and a complete re-organization of the way web content is managed and deployed across campus. The next phase of the project opens in September with a broader scope and collaboration with AMAC, an accessibility services and research center group that operates out of Georgia Tech. AMAC will be providing assistance with training, consulting, auditing, and remediation.

Self-Service Reporting for Banner

UWG's Trainers and Top Argos Users

Report writers on campus are transitioning from labor-intensive Banner to Argos, a more efficient reporting system. Argos has defined 130 departments at UWG, and 29 of those departments have converted with a completion signoff. The Argos team has presented Self-Service Reporting to 70 departments across campus. There are 1,741 reporting jobs defined in the Banner system, and there are 963 corresponding Argos dashboards. The ITS Argos training team has been working closely with departments as they tranisiton from Banner reporting, and some of the the top campus supporters of Argos include:

  • Academic Affairs - Provost Office
  • Advising Center
  • Center for Adult Learners and Veterans
  • College of Education - Dean's Office
  • Computer Science Department
  • Human Resources

To schedule a demo, contact Cheryl Taylor at or (678) 839-4003, or Anuradha Chandran at or (678) 839-5064.

New Mobile App Coming Soon

A tablet and smart phone displaying the main menu of the new mobile app.

The all new GoWest mobile app for iOS and Android devices is set to expand on its predecessor with new features, a new look, customizable dashboard, and convenient systems integration. Users will be able to log in with their UWG ID to access Banner and CourseDen features to manage their classes, view grades, and more. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests will have their own dashboard views with content relevant to them. The mobile app will launch with many useful features with an update shortly after launch with expanded functionality including Financial Aid, Bursar, and Enrollment.

Look for the new GoWest mobile app update for iOS and Android devices with a tentative release on September 1st, 2017. Available in iTunes and the Play Store.




Employee Spotlight

ITS Service Desk Members

Pictured, seated (left to right): Calandra Lewis, Tammy Crews. Standing (left to right): Tamarsha Barnes, Jan Cooke, Mellonee Blumenberg

Meet the Service Desk, the frontline support for ITS. The team provides technical assistance by phone or email for a range of issues including password resets, computer concerns, and classroom technology needs. With the implementation of new policies and procedures, the Service Desk has improved its customer approval rating 100%. Manager, Jan Cooke says “the team looks at the glass half-full and is continuously working to fill the glass to the top.” Recently, we sat down to get to know the Service Desk a little better.  

Name: Calandra Lewis
Years of service:  9 Years
Hobbies/Likes:  Calandra loves photography and the idea of “sharing the moment with a snap.”
Advice to UWG users:  “Have patience while we gather information, and remember, we are here to help.”

Name:  Jan Cooke
Years of service:  9 months
Hobbies/Likes:  Walking outside, listening and conversing with nature

Name:  Tamarsha Barnes
Years of service:  19 years
Hobbies/Likes:  Tamarsha loves movies and currently enjoys old black and white movies
Advice to UWG users:  “Have patience because all things are difficult before they become easy.”

Name:  Tammy Crews
Years of service:  35 Years
Hobbies/Likes:  Tammy loves music, so much so she flew to Las Vegas to see Elton John.
Advice to UWG users:  “Be as detailed as possible when you call or email.”

Name:  Mellonee Blumenberg
Years of service:  9 years
Hobbies/Likes:  Mellonee enjoys nature outside while listening to music.
Advice to UWG users:  “Be clear and concise and please don’t hesitate to ask any question.”

Cyber Security

Padlock resting on a keyboard.Practice caution before deciding to open a link or share information. Unfamiliar links in email, chat clients, social media posts, advertisements, or text messages can often be an attempt at a phishing scam to collect your personal information or infect your device with malware.

A common phishing scam has the perpetrator posing as a legitimate source to obtain one’s information or even pose as someone you know using their name or likeness. These will often convey an urgent or threatening call to action to send personal information such as usernames, passwords, social security numbers, etc. so you act without question. These emails, messages, and webpages are often doctored to resemble and act as a legitimate source in presentation and word choice. Their goal is to get you to click a malicious URL or attachment so be sure to inspect all emails and correspondence closely, examining any links carefully to see if they will redirect you to an unknown or untrusted website and use caution before downloading any files or attachments.

Visit Stop Think Connect at Stop. Think. Connect. for more information on phishing scams and other ways to keep yourself safe on the web.