• Computer Lab Guidelines

    Campus computer labs are for educational purposes only. Let's make the labs useful to everyone by following these guidelines! Habitual violators may be banned from lab use.


    • Use cell phones in labs at any times under any conditions (if you must use a cell phone for any reason you will be asked to step out of the lab to continue your call)
    • Bring food or drinks into lab, including gum.
    • Use tobacco products in lab.
    • Play games in lab.
    • Work in pairs or groups. 
    • Enter lab if a class is in session.
    • Check out more than one CD at a time.
    • Play personal music in lab computers without earphones.
    • Change software preferences (desktop pattern, time, homepage location).
    • Save any personal files to hard drives.
    • Install any 'foreign' (e.g., non standard) software to lab computers.
    • Download or stream recreational audio or video files.
    • Bring your own laptop or personal computer into the lab to use.


    • Remain quiet at all times in the homework labs.
    • Save all your files to a CD or flash drive.
    • Return all lab material (CDs and manuals) to Lab Assistant when leaving labs. Return keyboard, monitor, mouse and chair to normal position when leaving.
    • Leave 5 minutes prior to a class starting.
    • Clean up after yourself.
    • Follow campus guidelines for  'Acceptable Use Policy' of computers.
    • Report violators to your lab assistant.
  • Computer Lab Printing

    Computer lab printing is available via the Pharos UniPrint system. Students may print from any computer in a lab. Cost is $0.08 per page using your ID card and Campus Bucks. See the lab assistant on duty or The Wolves Card website for more information.

    Pharos Uniprint is available in the following computer labs:

    • Arts & Sciences Technology Learning Center Lab
    • College of Education Computer Labs
    • Library Labs
    • Richards College of Business Computer Labs
  • Acceptable Use and Ethics Policy
  • Inclement Weather Policy

    In the event of cancellation of morning, afternoon, or evening classes due to inclement weather or unsafe conditions, ITS will also close the three major homework labs (TLC, COE, Adamson) unless we are contacted by a corresponding college with controlling interest and asked to leave the lab open.  These labs are monitored by ITS Student Assistants, and ITS feels that it is in the best interest of student safety to close the labs under these conditions.