Computer lab printing is available via the WePa print stations. Cost is $0.10 per page for single sided black and white, $0.20 for dual sided black and white, $0.50 for single sided color and $0.80 for dual sided color. Printing may be paid for using Wolf Bucks, Credit Card, Paypal or Venmo. See the lab assistant on duty or *The Wolves Card* website for more information.

Students upload their documents to the WePa print cloud and retrieve their documents from any WePa print station. Printing is available from any mobile device, smart phone or tablet with an internet connection, Lab & Library computers, personal computers (install of WePa print driver required), iOS & Android devices, Google Drive, Drop Box, Gmail, and USB files.

For personal device use, the WePa print driver is required and can be obtained from the following location:

WePa print station locations can be found via the WePa app or at the following link: