Just as almost everyone here at UWG is provided with email, most everyone is also provided with webspace!

This web space is yours and you are free to use it as you wish provided you observe UWG's policies as outlined at http://policy.westga.edu/. You should also include the UWG Disclaimer on your site. You can find an example at the following link. https://www.westga.edu/its/website-disclaimer.php

Please see the information below to determine your webspace details.

For Student webpages:

Host/Web Server: stu.westga.edu
Username: UWG ID Username
Password: UWG ID Password
Software Needed to Publish:

FileZilla and WinSCP or other SFTP Software. Adobe Dreamweaver is also compatible.

For FileZilla and WinSCP or other compatible SFTP clients, use one of the following settings:

  • SFTP (Allow SCP Fallback)
  • SFTP using SSH2
URL: http://stu.westga.edu/~YourUSERNAME
Extras: Supports PHP
Set-up required: None
Webspace Limit: 51 MB