a screenshot from the game showing two characters talking to each other

About the Game

Adventures in Research! is an interactive choose-your-own-adventure game that introduces information literacy concepts to students enrolled in some sections of UWG's LIBR 2100 course. Concepts covered include: creating a research question, evaluating sources, database searching, plagiarism, and tips on presenting information. The game is divided into six Acts, and each Act focuses on one or two topics.

Delivery Method

Students enrolled in sections of LIBR 2100 (formerly LIBR 1101) using the game are provided a link to a pre-compiled version that runs on Windows or Mac OS X based computers. Students download the game and run it from their computer or USB drive. Advancement in the game is controlled through the use of passwords that permit access to each Act. The course instructor chooses when to provide these passwords to students.

How to Obtain a Copy for Your Institution

The complete source content for Adventures in Research! is available on GitHub under a Creative Commons license. Please see the LICENSE.txt file included with the source for complete details.

Additional Information

For more information about the creation of the game, please read the article published in the November 2014 issue of College & Research Libraries News.


Adventures in Research! (2012-2015)
Created by Dean Sullivan and Jessica Critten, University of West Georgia (jcritten@westga.edu)
Artwork by Heidi Black (heidimblack@gmail.com | www.electricabyss.com)
Music by Craig Schroer (craig@westga.edu)

Adventures in Research