• My Accounts & Passwords

    My Accounts & Passwords

    Click here for instructions on accessing your library account which contains a list of your charged items, any fines or fees you may have, and the password for GALILEO and certain other library resources.

  • Borrowing Privileges

    Borrowing Privileges

    The following may borrow materials from Ingram Library:

    • UWG students, faculty, and staff who present their current validated University photo ID or Driver's license with photo or passport

    • Joint Doctoral students enrolled in the UWG-UGA program who present their current validated University photo ID.

    • Emeritus, Retired Faculty and Retired Staff who have a current UWG ID card or apply for a Guest Borrower Card at the Circulation Desk

    • UWG Alumni who have applied for a Guest Borrower Card at the Circulation (must also provide proof of graduation from UWG in order to receive Alumni privileges)

    • Members of the community who apply for a Guest Borrower Card at the Circulation Desk (must have a local address and telephone number and present a photo ID).

    • University System of Georgia students, faculty, and staff who present their photo ID cards from their home institution

    • Patrons with ARCHE cards (must also present photo identification).



    Borrowers are responsible for all materials charged out on their card. Cards and borrowed materials should be kept in a secure location and never loaned to others. A lost card should be reported immediately to Public Safety and a replacement obtained from the ID office.

    STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF: Most communications from the Library are sent to the user's official UWG email address (StudentName@my.westga.edu or EmployeeName@westga.edu); therefore, even if you usually use another email address, it is very important that you check your UWG email regularly. Failure to receive a notice does not release you from responsibility to respond to recalls promptly or pay any fines and fees you owe. The Library is not responsible for undelivered mail.

    It is the borrower's responsibility to maintain a current address (including email) with the Library. Changes of address (including email) should be reported immediately. Failure to receive notification does not relieve the borrower of the obligation to return materials when they are due. The Library is not responsible for undelivered mail.

    Borrowers are also responsible for the repair costs of any library items returned in damaged condition.

    View All Circulation Policies

    For questions regarding the borrowing of materials you may call us at 678-839-6502.

  • Course Reserves

    Course Reserves

    Click here  for information regarding course reserves, including instructions on how to access electronic reserves, as well as information on other materials, such as books and multi-media materials shelved behind the Circulation Desk.

  • Interlibrary Loan

    Interlibrary Loan

    Interlibrary Loan  is a  free service for borrowing materials that are not owned by Ingram Library.  If you are a UWG faculty or staff member, you may also request articles from books and journals owned by the library.

  • Loan Periods & Fines

    Loan Periods & Fines

    Click here for information on loan periods and fines for the various borrower groups.

  • Recalls


    Instructions on how to place a "recall" for a book, government document, or other eligible item that is currently checked out to another patron.

    A RECALL is a request for a book or item that is presently checked out to another user. Once it is checked in, it will be held for the next person in the queue. For a chance to get your book faster (3-5 business days), try requesting your book through the GILExpress Universal Catalog first. 

    Online Recalls

    Use the Online Recall to have a charged book held for you after it is returned. This process will prevent the book from being renewed or checked out by another patron. While the recall will not change the due date on a 28-day checkout, it will change a longer checkout period to 28 days.

    1. Search for the item in the Library Catalog. Please select an individual item to recall.

    2. Click "Request" once you find a book you would like to be recalled (see example below)

    For example, suppose you need the book "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" by J. K. Rowling but when you search the library catalog you see that it is has a status of "Checked Out". You may place a recall on the item by clicking on the "Recall" link at the bottom of the screen within the holdings tab of the item.

    Sample recall screen


     3. GIL will take you to a text-based record of the item. Using the menu at the top of the page, click Request.

     sample menu screen


    4. You will be prompted to log into your account.

    sample login screen

    5. Choose "Recall" from the available requests, then click OK.

    sample choose request screen

    The following form will appear:

    sample form screen

    6. Click on Submit Request to place the Recall, as shown above.

    Don't forget to log off your account when you are finished by clicking Exit at the top of the screen.

    sample log off screen


    7. You will receive a notice via your UWG student, e-mail account when the item is available. This will not work with other e-mail accounts.

  • Renewing Materials Online

    Renewing Materials Online

    Instructions on how to renew online books and other materials you checked out of the Library (limited to those patrons eligible to do online renewals).

    Note: Materials Cannot be Renewed if:

    • Item was renewed the maximum number of times (see Loan Periods)

    • Item is overdue (item must be renewed on or before the due date)

    • Recall Request has been placed on the item

    • Maximum number of charges has been reached for your patron group

    • Your Library account is blocked due to outstanding obligations

    To Renew Your Items:

    1. Logon to the Library Catalog - GIL

    Logon to the Library Catalog by clicking on the Catalog link from the library homepagehttp://www.westga.edu/library/ or go directly to the GIL page at https://gil.westga.edu/.


    2. Once logged onto the Catalog, click on "Access my GIL account"


    3. Enter the required information, and click "Logon to My Account"


    A personal information page will appear with all your current information.

    To Renew:

    1. Check the renew box beside each item you wish to renew.

    2. Click on the "Renew Items" button



    The new due date will appear in the Due Date Box and a Renewal Status box will verify a completed renewal.