Course Reserves is an instructional support resource available to individuals teaching courses both online and on any University of West Georgia campus. These items can be both physical and electronic such as  books, DVDs, articles, audio discs or any other materials that have been assigned to a class. Placing an item on reserves is a cost effective way to ensure that students have equal access to high demand materials.

Professors, Course Reserves are processed as fast as we can, please make sure to get your reserves requests in early. Be advised that if you need an item to be ordered there are fiscal year start and end dates. These dates will be e-mailed to you as the semester progresses.

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Policies & procedures 

  • For Students

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  • For Faculty

    Physical Reserves

    Physical items such as books, audio CDs, or videos can be placed on Course Reserve. You can not place items obtained via InterLibrary Loan, GIL Express, Netflix, or any service related to the aforementioned on reserves. At the end of each semester professors will receive an email asking them if they would like to keep items on reserves or have them removed. The option to carry an item over every semester is also available to you. Be sure to notify the Course Reserves Specialist which you prefer ahead of time.

    Library Owned Materials:

    We want to get items pulled and placed for you as soon as possible, the earlier you notify us what items you need on reserves, the better. Fill out the following Reserves Request Form or obtain a paper copy from Ingram Library’s Circulation desk. On this form you will indicate the loan period you wish to set for items. If you are unsure about which loan period to pick or if you have any questions regarding the form, contact the Course Reserves Specialist at 678-839-6502 or

    Materials You Own:

    At the beginning of the semester you can send materials through campus mail to the Course Reserves Specialist or bring in items to be placed on course reserves. Please make sure you have filled out and included the Reserves Request Form. Personal copies will be both labeled physically and on the Reserves Request Form under the “Call-Number” section as “PC.” For personal copies, we strongly recommend that they be designated as “IN LIBRARY USE ONLY.” Please be advised that you are placing personal copies on reserves at your own risk. If the personal copy you are placing on reserves costs a substantial amount, please let us know so that we can make proper accommodations.

    Ordering Materials:

    If there is an item that you would like to have placed on course reserves that the library does not own, you are free to request that Ingram Library order the item to be added to it’s permanent collection and to your reserves list. To do so, you will fill out the Reserves Request Form and indicate that the item is to be ordered by marking an “X” in the section titled “To order.” This form is then to be sent to the Course Reserves Specialist via campus mail or e-mailed to You do not need to go through your liaisons for Course Reserves specific orders.

    If you have a course reserves order you would like to make, please make sure that you submit your request a month or two prior to the beginning of the semester. Also, be aware of fiscal year start and end dates. You will be contacted via email about time periods where orders can  and can not be made.

    Electronic Reserves (Supporting Online Learning)

     Ingram Library stopped using the Docutek Electronic Reserves system the beginning of Summer Semester 2014. Instead, we and UWG Distance Education are assisting faculty in using the campus online course management system (Course Den) to post articles and book chapters to your class. Need help uploading an item into CourseDen? No problem. The Course Reserves Specialist can help you with your electronic items and CourseDen uploads over the phone, through email, or in person. To schedule an in-person meeting where we come to you contact with the subject “Schedule a Meeting.” 

    Making Physical Items Electronic

    If you have a copy of an article or book chapter that you would like for your students to read, and you need a copy of it, you may bring it to the Circulation Desk, email details-if housed with in Ingram Library-to, or send the item you would like copied via campus mail to the Course Reserves Specialist with details about which chapter, page numbers. etc. you would like to have copied. The Course Reserves Specialist will create an electronic copy that is also accessible and send it to you via email.

    If you are sending your own photocopies to be converted to electronic copies or to be made accessible, please make sure that the copies you are providing are scanned at at least 300 dpi.

    IMPORTANT: Books; journal articles; performances of non-dramatic literary and musical works (poetry readings, popular song recordings); performances of any other work in “limited and reasonable” amounts; course notes, exams, problem sets, etc. to which you own the copyright can be placed in CourseDen and scanned in by the Course Reserves Specialist. Workbooks and other “consumable” products can not be placed in CourseDen. For books, a minimum of one chapter-if the book is less than 10 chapters long or 10% of a book with more than one chapter can be scanned in. According to copyright regulations, items placed on electronic reserves which are not in Public Domain must be accessible only to the members of the class.

    Providing Links to Electronic Items

    Articles and other materials that are accessible through the GALILEO databases should be linked in CourseDen using their respective Permalinks. Permalinks can be found on the right hand side of the database page.  For those of you familiar with proxy server links, it is now built into the Permalink.

    Off-campus, GALILEO will prompt users to enter their UWG ID and password, and/or the current GALILEO password. The current GALILEO password can be found in CourseDen.

    Electronic Items and Your Class

    Please notify the Course Reserves Specialist if you would like an electronic book to be ordered or would like an electronic book to be linked to your class. Linking an electronic item to your Course allows students to be able to easily locate the item they need in a system that may already feel complicated to them. Please be aware that some items may have unlimited permissions while some may not. If you have further questions about ebooks please contact our Electronic Resources Librarian.

    Low Cost/No Cost

    For more information on Textbook/OER Resources, click here for our libguide or click here for information from the state website. If you have more questions contact your liaison or C J Ivory 


    Ingram Library must comply with intellectual property and copyright laws as per the USG system. According to the Georgia Board of Regents Copyright policy, faculty are responsible for being copyright-compliant in all their use of copyrighted materials. Books of 10 chapters or less may only have one chapter photocopied and made available for books that are more than 10 chapters, only 10% of the total book may be photocopied. These amounts are the same whether or not the book has a single author or is an edited collection.

    In all matters regarding the use of copyrighted material for your classes, you should be guided by USG’s copyright policy here . Information regarding Electronic Reserves can be found  here and information regarding Fair Use can be found here or here .


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