Ingram Library has three dedicated instructional spaces: one on the 1st floor and two on the 3rd floor (the "Aquarium" and the Mac Lab).

Library instructional spaces are limited and demand for them is high. Therefore, the order of priority for scheduling these spaces is:

  1. Library instruction needs (LIBR2100 and workshops)
  2. Public History classes
  3. Center for Academic Success-sponsored tutoring programs
  4. Other class research requests (see below)

Occasionally a non-Library faculty member will ask to use one of Ingram Library's instructional spaces for a class research day (not involving instruction by a librarian). Instructional Services is experimenting with allowing faculty members to reserve a library instructional space for this purpose. This is a pilot program to help Ingram Library determine the demand for this kind of usage. 

When the rooms are not reserved for the purposes mentioned above, they are to be open for student use. Student groups may not reserve these spaces. Students using the 3rd floor spaces should keep in mind that these are not group study rooms since the 3rd floor is the quiet floor.

Library staff and faculty needing space for library instruction workshops or training sessions can schedule the space through the shared calendar system.

Public History classes and Center for Academic Success tutoring session usage is scheduled through the Learning & Research Support division.

Library staff and faculty are asked to not schedule workshops until all LIBR 2100 and Public History semester-long courses have been scheduled. These are scheduled well in advance of the start of the semester.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to Angela Pashia, Head of Learning & Research Support.