Graduate Students

Graduate students may check out regular materials until the end of the current academic semester in recognition of their frequent need to be involved in more extended research activities.  (See chart under Loan Periods). Graduate students who are not currently enrolled in classes at UWG retain full borrowing privileges until they reach 3 consecutive semesters (12 months) without enrolling. This will allow those students time to complete a thesis, Ed.S research project, or dissertation.


Faculty may check out regular materials until the end of the current academic year.  They are asked to bring in their materials each May to renew them for another year.  (See chart under Loan Periods restrictions.) All faculty and staff have full library privileges, including Inter-Library Loan (ILL), remote access to GALILEO and the UWG Library's licensed databases, or access to other resources whose contracts with the Library require that the user be enrolled. See the "Faculty" section of this accordion for more specific details. 

Alumni, Retirees, and Community


Alumni status can be obtained by presenting proof of graduation from UWG and a photo ID with a current address. Once the status has been established, alumni may continue to use their UWG ID to check items out. If the patron cannot locate their UWG ID, they may use their driver's license to check out items. Alumni may check out 7 items at a time for a period of 28 days (items may be renewed by phone).


Retirees may either apply for a Guest Borrower card or obtain a current UWG ID card from the Card Office on the top floor of the UCC. Retirees may check out 7 items at a time for 28 days (items may be renewed by phone).

Community Residents

Residents of the local area may apply for a Guest Borrower card at the Circulation Desk. Applicants must be residents of one of the following counties: Carroll (GA), Coweta (GA), Douglas (GA), Haralson (GA), Heard (GA), Paulding (GA), Cleburne (AL), or Randolph (AL), and provide proof of local address. Community Borrowers may have up to 3 items checked out at a time for a period of 28 days (items may be renewed by phone). After 6 months, Community Borrowers in good standing may request to have their borrowing limit increased to 7 items. (High School students remain at three).

High School Students

High school students (grades 9-12) will need the signature of a parent or sponsoring teacher in the presence of a Circulation staff member. (Students in the 8th grade or below are not eligible to receive a Guest Borrower's card).

General Policies applying to all Guest Borrowers

The Guest Borrower Card is non-transferable and the individual named on the card is responsible for all items borrowed with the card and for any fines or charges for damages or lost materials.  After approval of application, the Guest Borrower's library privileges will continue in effect as long as the patron uses the library on a regular basis and does not abuse privileges. (A school-sponsored high school student's privileges will expire at the end of the academic year). Issuance of a Guest Borrower card does not guarantee access to all library facilities, materials, or services; for example, Guest Borrowers, Alumni, and Retirees may not place InterLibrary Loan requests, GIL Express requests, or obtain the password for remote access to online databases. Guests are invited to use our desktop computers to conduct research (usernames and passwords are available at the front desk). 

Borrowers with Disabilities

Circulation staff will retrieve library materials or provide assistance in using library equipment for borrowers with disabilities.  From the main elevator, all parts of the library are accessible by wheelchair.  Handicapped restroom facilities and wheelchair-accessible water fountains are located on all floors.