During the first week of March 2010, Ingram Library began a 12 month renovation project. Please explore this site for information about the renovation and updates about changes to library services.

Construction News

Almost done!! The main floor has reopened to the public. Starbucks is open. The public can now use our regular main entrance and enjoy the wide spaces. Furniture will still be delivered over the next several weeks so each day looks a bit different. The second entrance (facing Love Valley, entering Ingram Library through Starbucks) is also open. Please come and look at the beautiful new spaces. ITS has been working long hours to get the computers moved and installed on the main floor.

Starbucks summer schedule (subject to change):
Monday - Friday 7:30am-4pm
Saturday - Sunday closed

The 3rd floor is closed to the public until the end of the semester so the fire sprinkler piping can be mounted, carpet installed and the shelves rearranged to meet ADA compliance.  If you need anything from the 3rd floor, we will be happy to get it for you. Just stop by a service desk (the main desk or the reference desk, both on the main floor) and someone will get the desired items for you.  

The 2nd floor is open to the public. We are still rearranging some items and new furniture will be slowly added, but the 2nd floor is open for you. At some point the bathrooms will be renovated for ADA compliance but other areas of the floor will remain open.  

The Murphy Office area on the ground floor is still being worked on but you can see where the installation is going to be.

The new Administrative office suite (2nd floor) and Instructional Services offices (3rd floor) are complete. We are still awaiting our office furniture and not all of the phones have been moved.

Most of the Government Documents are on the main floor.  

  • Library Floor Plans
    Ground floor
    • Special Collections
    • Center for Public History
    • Periodicals
    • Thomas Murphy Reading Room
    • Replica of Speaker Thomas Murphy’s Office

    Ground Floor Map, Ingram Library

    First floor (main entrance level)
    • Circulation and Reference Desks
    • Browsing Area and Ready Reference Books
    • Main Floor Library Classroom
    • Government Documents
    • Starbucks

    First Floor, Ingram Library

    Second floor
    • Library Administration Offices
    • Group Study Rooms
    • Holocaust Teaching Resources Center
    • Call numbers A through H

    Second Floor Ingram Library

    Third floor
    • The Quiet Floor
    • Instructional Services Librarian Offices
    • The “Aquarium”
    • The Glass Room / Quiet Mac Lab (in progress)
    • Call numbers J through Z

    Third floor Ingram Library

  • Architectural Floor Plans
    Architectural Floor Plans

    Click on the links below to see the floor plans for each of the floors.

    The ground floor will not have a public entrance. The door you see between the offices and the research room is current temporary entrance to the library. It will be an emergency exit when the renovation is complete.

    The first floor will have the main entrance (see "entry vestibule" on the plan) where it was before the renovation began. Inside the curved line (an architectural feature of the ceiling) you see some of the service points like the main circulation and reserves desk (in front of where it says "Public Service Center") and the reference desks. The bookshelves to the left of the word "Reference" are for the Reference Collection. In the lower right-hand corner the "Flexible Instrucional" space is our library classroom which will be used as a computer lab when we do not hold workshops. The furniture in the "Flex Space" is on wheels and can be rearranged by the students to fit their needs in the moment. Along some of the walls and in the alcoves n the "Soft Seating 2" area there will be flat panel displays where students can hook up a laptop and project on a much larger screen. The secondary exit will be through the "Starbucks Shell." We didn't put the electrical design page up, so this page doesn't show it but there is power and data all over the building.

    The second floor is where the administrative offices will be. Lorene Flanders, Dean of Libraries, and Chris Huff, Associate Dean of Libraries, will have their offices there. The "Conference Area" will showcase the Tom Murphy Table with a glass wall to the public space. Other parts of this drawing have not yet been funded. We hope that the "Study / Tutoring Pod" and the "Faculty Lounge" as well as the remodel of the restrooms (to make them ADA compliant) will be funded so this can be done over the summer. The rows of rectangles in the drawing are ranges of bookshelves.

    The third floor will house our Instructional Services Division. Again, as with the second floor, other parts of this drawing have not yet been funded. The "Multi-Media Room" with its flexible partition wall and the remodeling of the restrooms (to make them ADA compliant) are not yet funded. We hope to have that funded so it can be done over the summer. The rows of rectangles in the drawing are ranges of bookshelves.

    Once the renovated space is finished, we will be happy to show you around. We are very excited about the new library and the services and space it will allow us to offer UWG.

  • What's Where?
    What's Where?

    Laptop & Scanner Check-out: main floor

    Public Computers: main floor

    Value Transfer Station (to add Wolf Bucks to your card): main floor

    Photocopiers: main floor

    Restrooms: main and 2nd floors

    Reference desk: main floor 

    Special Collections: ground floor, by appointment only; call 678-839-6361

    Nifty new drinking fountain with water bottle filler: main floor

    Starbucks: main floor

    Library Materials

    Books: main, 2nd and 3rd floors (please ask for assistance at a service desk when you want materials from the 3rd floor)

    DVDs: main floor

    Reserve Materials: main floor

    Reference books: most on 3rd floor; ask at a service desk  (these will be moved soon) 

    Periodicals: students ask at the Main Desk; faculty use ILL account

    Government Documents: most on the main floor; if you need help ask at the reference desk

  • The Renovated Space
    What does (and will) the new space look like? What will it offer you?
    On the ground floor:
    • Center for Civic Engagement
      • Annie Belle Weaver Special Collections
      • Center for Public History
      • Thomas B. Murphy Center for Public Service
      • Georgia's Political Heritage Program
    • Re-creation of Speaker Murphy's Capitol office 
    • Compact storage for journals
    On the main floor:
    • More computers for student-use
    • Flexible furniture the students can adjust to fit their study needs
    • Comfortable lounge furniture
    • More natural light
    • New carpet
    • A second entrance (closer to the Campus Center)
    • Wall-mounted flat screen monitors
    • Improved classroom
    • Easier-to-find reference desk
    • Coffee shop
    • Improved presentation space
  • History of Ingram Library
    History of Ingram Library
    Professor and Mrs. J.H. Melson

    West Georgia's library began in January 1908 when Professor and Mrs. J.H. Melson hosted an afternoon event inviting the community to provide the newly-formed Fourth District Agricultural & Mechanical School with a "Cloudburst of Books." Three hundred twenty-five books were donated and organized in a converted linen closet in the Administration building. By the 1930s the library collection had over a thousand volumes and was housed in a classroom. In 1933, the newly-formed Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia granted junior college status to the school. President Irvine Sullivan Ingram appointed Annie Belle Weaver, a professional librarian trained at Emory University, to develop a library to support the institution's new mission. At the time, West Georgia College had 200 students.


    Sanford Library

    In the fall of 1936, Miss Weaver received blueprints for a separate library building. Construction was funded through the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA). Construction on the library began in October of 1936 and was completed in February of 1937. Though the WPA provided no funds for shelving and furnishings, the empty library building was opened to great fanfare. Sanford Library was central to West Georgia's first accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. In 1940 the Julius Rosenwald Fund gave $20,000 for an addition to Sanford Library, boosting its seating capacity to 130 and providing shelving space for 15,000 books.

    Construction of new library

    Enrollment grew dramatically during the 1960s. The modern Academic Center, composed of four air conditioned buildings including a new library, was dedicated in 1968. The library was enlarged in 1980 and named for Dr. Irvine Sullivan Ingram. Special Collections was named in honor of Annie Belle Weaver. Ingram Library moved into the electronic age in the 1980s and 1990s with its first automated library catalog and the birth of GALILEO, Georgia Library Learning Online.

    Speaker Murphy

    In 1983, Congressman Newt Gingrich, later Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, agreed to donate his papers and political memorabilia to the University. The collections of Georgia's Political Heritage Program are housed in the library's Special Collections, and include the papers and office contents of former Georgia House Speaker Thomas B. Murphy. Georgia Senator Bill Hamrick donated his papers in 2007. The Georgia Holocaust Commission's Thomas B. Murphy Teacher Training & Resource Center opened on the second floor of Ingram Library in 2001, the only center of its kind housed within the library of a state institution of higher education.

    The 2003 State University of West Georgia Campus Master Plan identified the need for additional library space to support the growth of the institution, and its move to university status. In 2007 Sizemore Group, AIA of Atlanta developed a Strategic Program for the renovation and expansion of Ingram Library. During the 2008 Georgia State Legislative Session, $8 million was appropriated in the 2009 state budget to fund the renovation of the library as a tribute to late Speaker Murphy. On the ground floor, the renovation will include a re-creation of Speaker Murphy's House office and interpretative exhibits. The Annie Belle Weaver Special Collections, the Center for Public History, the Thomas B. Murphy Center for Public Service, and Georgia's Political Heritage Program will be located adjacent to the Murphy Office as part of UWG's proposed Center for Civic Engagement. The renovated main floor will feature more flexible study environments, an increased number of computer stations, an additional library entrance facing the Campus Center, and a cafe. This renovation will bring Ingram Library into the twenty-first century. A future expansion will allow space for collection growth, improved access to information through technology, and group study areas.


    Rendering of the renovated ground floor

  • The Funding
    The Funding

    The library renovation was funded in 2008 with a special appropriation by the Georgia General Assembly in honor of the service of former House Speaker Thomas Bailey Murphy following his death in December, 2007. Governor Perdue signed the bill including the appropriation for the project in the spring of 2008. Bonds were sold to support the project in early 2009. The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia awarded the design contract to Houser Walker Architecture and tvs design in May of that year. Parrrish Construction was awarded the construction contract in the fall of 2009.

    Speaker Murphy donated his papers and office contents to the University of West Georgia Foundation, Inc. when he left office in 2003. At the time of the donation, the university agreed to re-create his State Capitol office on its campus. In 2007, the university developed a long-range plan for library renovation and expansion. The renovation plan was developed to encompass the addition of the Murphy office within the library. On the Speaker’s death, members of the Georgia legislature approached the university concerning an appropriate memorial and agreed to submit the Murphy office project and library renovation to the General Assembly for its approval.

  • Who's Who in the Renovation?
    Who's Who in the Renovation?

    Of course a project like this cannot happen without the help of everyone, including the patience and flexibility of the students who use this building every day.

    There are a few internal and external groups who are playing a major role in making this renovation happen.

    Houser-Walker Architects: Hank Houser is the Principal in Charge and Project Manager for this project. Houser-Walker Architects also did the library expansion at Georgia Tech and have brought their library experience to the table.

    tvsdesign: tvsdesign will do the interior design. Hank Spiker is the Design Principal and Margaret Serrato is the Interior Designer; their previous projects include the McCain Library at Agnes Scott College renovation. Associate Designer Matt Hayner is also working on Ingram Library.

    Parrish Construction: Dallas Smith is the Project Manager. Construction Superintendent Sean Murphy has moved to Carrollton to oversee the project. Parrish Construction's portfolio includes the library renovation at Macon State College.

    Members of the Library Renovation Steering Committee from UWG: Sandra Stone, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Lorene Flanders, Dean of Libraries; Mike Conley, Executive Director of Architecture, Engineering & Construction Project Services; Chris Huff, Associate Dean of Libraries and Renovation Project Advocate; Michael Aldrich, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs; Mike Renfrow, Assistant Vice President for Campus Planning and Facilities; Elsa Peña, Campus Architect, Architecture, Engineering and Construction Project Services; Rob Yawn, Senior Network Engineer, Information Technology Services. From the Board of Regents: Samson Oygunle, Program Manager, Office of Real Estate and Facilitites. And Dennis Townsend from the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission.

    Members of the Library Internal Renovation Steering Committee: Chris Huff, Associate Dean of Libraries and Renovation Project Advocate; Julie Dobbs, Administrative Coordinator; Suzanne Durham, Head of Special Collections; Chris Carroll, Circulation Manager; Margot Davis, Stacks Manager; Anne Barnhart, Head of Instructional Services; Charlie Sicignano, Head of Technical Services; Travis Hylbak, Instructional Technology Services.

  • Photo Gallery