The Ingram Library is pleased to offer spaces for events. The reservation priority is as follows:
     • Library credit-bearing classes
     • Library events
     • UWG Faculty/Staff events (limited to twice a month)

Due to demand on our facility, the library must limit event requests for departments and faculty/staff to twice a month during these non-peak hours:
     • 8:00 am-11:00 am
     • 6:00pm -9:00 pm

We only accept events during non-peak hours. Library Space Reservation requests should be completed ten business days in advance. Requests are not permitted the week before or the week during final examinations each semester.

No students or student organizations are permitted to reserve spaces in the library for events. Students should reserve spaces through Auxiliary Enterprises. For more information about our policies, please see our terms and conditions (PDF).

To check availability, please see our Public Programming Calendar by clicking here. To reserve an event space in the library, please click under Library Area Reservation Request Form under Reservation Forms. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response.

  • Library Event Guidelines
    Library Event Guidelines

    For every event on the first and ground floor, the Library Space Reservation form should be completed first. After the event is confirmed, it will be shown on the public calendar by the Events Coordinator

    1. Library Space Reservation Requests should be completed five business days in advance. Ten business days in advance for expected attendance over 100
    2. Furniture will be moved and re-arranged for each event and depending on the event start/ end time, there will be at least one day of lag time for set-up and take down
    3. Signage will be displayed to alert patrons of the upcoming event at least one day in advance to serve as a courtesy notice
    4. We will have no more than three events per week as this will help to maintain balance of being an event space as well as a library
    5. We will limit back-to-back events. These events are defined as occurring on the same day, in different spaces on the first floor, and close in proximity to time. Back-to-back events have a negative impact on our building as ½ of the first floor would be out of use to patrons
    6. We will have no more than three exhibits on the first floor to prevent the appearance of being disjunctive and crowded within the building
    The Events Coordinator

     *Please always bring the Library Terms and Conditions page with you during your event as the last page lists emergency contact numbers*

    1. Reviews and approves client to use the requested library space
    2. Meets with client to discuss logistics of the event as preplanned by the client; topics included but not limited to: publicity, special guests, nature of the event, emergency exits, etc.
    3. Notifies patrons and staff that the requested area is reserved to ensure that patrons without intentions on attending the event do not occupy the space during the allotted time
    4. Sends in all work orders and requests to Facilities and Grounds
    5. Furnishes the client's event, i.e. providing library chairs, tables, etc.
    6. Offers to set-up posters, programs, and other publicity when provided by the client
    7. Unless otherwise stated, the client should make an initial contact to ITS Classroom Support & Multimedia where applicable. 
    8. When approval is granted for events after the hours of 5:00pm, the Client Check-Out form must be used.
    9. To schedule an event months in advance or to check availability, please e-mail the events coordinator.
    The Responsibility of the Client 
    1. It is the client's responsibility to contact the events coordinator and receive the proper approval before staging or setting up for an event inside the library. Student organizations should reserve facilities through auxiliary enterprises.
    2. If food will be present during an event, the client is responsible for the purchase and initial contact with Aramark
    3. Faculty and staff are not allowed to check out laptops in the library
    4. To reserve equipment the client should contact ITS Classroom and Support Multimedia. After the hours of 5:00pm, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the Ingram Library staff will able to house the equipment. Otherwise, the client must handle the equipment and return it to ITS the next day.
    5. For publicity, the client is responsible for contacting University Communications and Marketing or Publications and Printing for their event. The library is not responsible for providing signage or publicity for the client's program.
    6. The events coordinator should not be the host for the client's event and is not required to stay for the duration of the program. Please contact the events coordinator if assistance is needed for the duration of an event. 
    7. During normal business hours of 8:00am-5:00pm, the client should contact the events coordinator or the administration office, to give a courtesy call that the event has ended before leaving the building to ensure that no damages were incurred in the event space.
    8. If the client has secured necessary approval to hold an event after normal business hours, the client must visit the Circulation Desk and complete the "Client Check-out" form before leaving the building. If the client leaves without securing the proper  inspection by library personnel, they will be liable for any accessed damages.

Library Space Reservation Form