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Policies & procedures for the Library Reserves system

  • Physical Reserves

    What can I put on reserve?

    Reserves are materials needed by an entire class to support their learning, and include both physical materials and materials accessible online.  Because the materials are required readings and therefore in high demand, they are placed on Reserve (limited circulation status) so that all students can have equal access to them. 

    Physical materials (such as books and DVDs) must either be owned by the library or be your own personal copy. Materials obtained via Interlibrary Loan, GIL Express, Netflix, etc. cannot be put on reserve. Course packs cannot be put on reserve – they must be purchased by students enrolled in the course.

    Don't wait until the week before classes start to do something about Reserves! 

    We process requests in the order received as fast as we can, but if you want your materials ready for the first day of class, get your requests in early! The library will rush order items we do not own, but even with a rush order the item may not arrive in time for your course needs, therefore, plan ahead and be sure the Library owns what you need, or ask that it be ordered. All orders should go through Acquisitions using their online form. Be sure to mention in the comments that you want the item(s) to go on Reserves for the semester. 

    What can be placed on print reserve?

    • Physical copies of books, audio CDs, or videos can be placed on reserve.
    • All items must be listed with full bibliographic information on your CourseDen class page so that students can easily see what you have on Reserve for the class
    • Articles may not be put on print reserve, only online
    • At the end of the semester all items will be removed from reserve and re-shelved or returned to the instructor.

    What can be placed on electronic reserve?

    • Electronic versions of journal articles (links to materials we have access to or scanned copies of articles if we do not have online access). 
    • Parts of books (maximum of 1 chapter for a book with less than 10 chapters, or 10% of a book with more than 10 chapters)
    • Course notes, exams, problem sets, etc., to which you own the copyright.
    • IMPORTANT: According to copyright regulations, items placed on electronic reserves which are not in the Public Domain must be accessible only to the members of the class.  Students will access their online reserves by logging into CourseDen. 

    For Information about Copyright Regulations, please see our Copyright Guide.

  • Electronic Reserves

    How do I put materials on reserve for my class?

    Library-owned materials

    Get a Reserve Request Form. Fill it out completely and email it as an attachment to Kimberly Britt ( and we will do the rest. Please include author/title and call number from the Library catalog, and indicate the loan period you wish to set for those items.  If you are not familiar with the various loan periods you can choose, call the Circulation Department at 678-839-6502, and they can advise you on the available options (this information is also on the form).  The earlier you can notify us prior to the semester in which the materials are needed, the better.

    Materials the Library needs to purchase

    All orders should go through Acquisitions using the Acquisitions Online Form. Be sure to mention in the comments that you want the item(s) to go on Reserves for the semester. Ordering and processing takes time, so the earlier you can anticipate your needs, the better.

    Materials you own and plan to place on Reserve in the Library

    Fill out the Reserve Request Form and bring it with your own personal copies of books or other items you would like to have on Reserve to the Circulation Desk and ask that they be given to the Reserves Specialist  For personal copies, we strongly recommend that they be designated IN LIBRARY USE ONLY.

    Articles or other materials which are accessible through the Library/GALILEO databases

    Links to these items, NOT copies, can be placed within the CourseDen section assigned to your class.  Use this for online reserves, even if you are not using CourseDen to teach your class.  Inform your students that they will need to log into CourseDen to access those readings. 

    Articles or other materials for which you have photocopies

    If use of these materials falls under Fair Use Guidelines, you should scan them or ask the Library to scan them for you, so that you can upload them to CourseDen. Inform your students that they will need to access those readings by logging into CourseDen.

  • Copyright Information