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Phillip Grovenstein, Research Associate at Algenol (Bio-tech company), Fort Myers, Florida, starting July 2013.

Kasey Swilley is going to join Dr. Brad Olson's lab in the department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at the Kansas State University as a Ph.D. student, starting June 2016.

Tashana Haye, Medical School, University of Florida Gainesville starting Fall 2015

Tai Truong, Medical School, Upstate University, NewYork, starting Fall 2015

Alisha Contractor, Ph.D. program, Chemical Biology, UC, Berkeley, starting Fall 2013

Amanda Morgan, Undergraduate program, Coastal Carolina University, starting Fall 2014

Brennan Ross, Bio major, UCLA, graduated in 2014.

Chidoze Ukpabi, Mercer University, School of Pharmacy, starting 2013

Daniel Foster, Mercer University, School of Medicine, starting 2013

Edna Esumei:Pharm D student at South University School of Pharmacy, Savannah, GA, graduated in 2013

Justin Puckett: BIO major, undergrad student at University of Pennsylvania, starting 2012

Yakema Sheats, working as a post market clinical specialist at ALKU Quality, Waltham, MA, starting 2014

Darryel Wilson, Medical School , Georgia Regents University, Augusta, starting 2013

Kathryn Lankford, Ph.D student, Michigan State University, History of Science, starting 2013

Surangi Perera, Ph.D student, Developmental Biology, University of Cambridge, UK, starting 2013. Received her Mphil. degree in October 2014 and continuing to work on her Ph.D. degree at University of Cambridge, UK.

Kelsey Gaston, Research Specialist, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Emory-Children's Center (2011- 2013). Happy Mom busy with her cute little angel daughter Rinnah now!!