Mitra Lab Albums / Mitra Lab Members (former and current)

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Kenneth Kim (Bio major, freshman)

Joel Page (Bio major, sophormore) now is back at the Mitra lab in Fall 2016, after taking a summer break !!!! Welcome back!!!

We have a new lab member, Ja'von Swint, (Junior, Bio major). Ja'von has joined the Mitra lab in May 2016.

Paula Martinez-Feduchi, newest member in the Mitra Lab, Fall 2015

Mita Lab Fall 2015- present From left to right: Asia, Kevin, Betkens, Kasey, David & Joel

Joel III Page, Freshman, LSAMP Scholar

Kevin Nguyen, Sophomore, LSAMP Scholar

David Willoughby, Freshman, Uwise scholar

Betkens Senesca, sophomore, LSAMP scholar

Asia Poudel, first year graduate (MS thesis track) student. Asia is from Nepal.

Kasey Swilley joined our lab in Spring 2015 and she is still continuing as a undergraduate researcher in our lab. She is currently a SRAP research student and an Uwise mentor from Fall 2015- Spring 2016.

(Front row): Precious Ajala, Tashana Haye, Kiana Brown (Back row): Ewan Petersen, Mariama Bass, Katherine Smith, Zachary Nofs, Arielle Bent, Rigoberto Segovia, Fall 2014

Tai Truong Fall 2013- Spring 2015

Katherine Smith , Spring 2013- Spring 2015

Michelle Kinsey, Fall 2013

John Cooper, Fall 2013

Tashana Haye Spring 2013 - Fall 2014

Theresa Fuller, Spring 2014

Amanda Morgan Spring 2014

Chavar Sinclair Fall 2013