Mitra Lab Albums / Research Activities (2010- present)

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Different wild type algal strains growing in dark in media that contains vinegar. In dark, they still look green and behave like fungus using the vinegar to make sugar in the dark.

Different wild type strains of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (a green micro-alga) growing in light in media that contains vinegar. In this media the alga uses the vinegar to make sugar and does not do photosynthesis. The cells get their sugar very easily and do not have work hard (as they have to, if they did photosynthesis!!!) --- and they look very dark green!!

The different wild type of algal strains growing in the high salt (HS) photosynthetic media. In this media the algal cells have to do photosynthesis to make sugar as this media does not contain vinegar. The cells have to work really hard to grow and divide and hence look pale green in color, compared to the color in the previous picture, where the cells were growing in vinegar containing media!!!

High light growth set up designed by me with the help of the Campus Facility at UWG. (poor man's high light growth chamber!!!)

Light set up in the Mitra Lab to grow algae

Phillip and Kelsey doing a plasmid Mega prep!!!

More plasmid mega preps!!

Mitra Lab Busy Bees!!!

Very focused or at least pretending to be focused!!!

Edna using Vis/UV Spectrophotometer to measure chlorophyll concentration.

Edna looking for contamination on my algae culture plates!!

Surangi is trying to close the autoclave door-- which needs brawns!!!

Surangi working on her biceps and triceps !!!

Kelsey "super bored" with the slow flow rate of the plasmid Maxi column!!!

Phillip taking "forty wink"s in between his hard work at the lab!!! He is a very hardworking guy and a disciplined worker!!

Surangi and Yakema getting ready to pour a DNA gel.