Mitra Lab Albums / Graduation, April 30th, 2016

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Snapshots from the Spring 2016 Graduation on 4-30-16 and Pre-Graduation Mitra Lab party at the Ah-Ma's Taiwanese kitchen in Atlanta, on 4-23-16. Dr. Mitra's undergraduate research student, Miss Kasey Swilley has graduated with a Bio major degree from the UWG Biology department on 4-30-16. Kasey is going to join Dr. Brad Olson's lab in the department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at the Kansas State University as a Ph.D. student, starting June 2016. Congratulations to Kasey!!!

Kasey on the graduation stage.

Kasey getting ready to be officially graduated----

Kasey and Dr. Mitra in fron tof the UWG Biology building.

Kasey's Pre-Graduation party at the Ah-Ma's Taiwanese Kitchen, Atlanta on 4-23-16..

Inside of Ah-Ma's kitchen

From left to right: Dr. Mitra, Joel, Betkens, Kevin and Kasey.

Kasey's graduation cake--Strawberry and Peach sensation!!!