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The new "Toy" in the Mitra Lab---Gene Pulser X cell Electroporation system from BioRad!!! Thanks to the Biology Department for purchasing " my dream toy" . We are now capable of electrocuting at 2500- 3000 Volts, any eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells, to make them take up foreign DNA, with or without removing cell wall. This baby can deliver both exponential decay pulse with or without a specific time constant and also square wave pulse!!! Stay tuned in for more pics, when we use this toy to fix a high light sensitivity- problem in a Chlamydomonas (a green micro-alga) mutant, that is super -sensitive to high light stress. This mutant has a defect in a novel functionally uncharacterized gene. The Mitra lab will be assigning a functional role to this gene in photosynthesis for the first time. We are super excited about this project !!! Stay tuned in for more pictures as we advance in our project!!!

Dr. Mitra's Latest Toy--Gene Pulser X Cell!!!

Kevin Nguyen, undergraduate research student in the Mitra Lab, who assembled the Gene Pulser components today (9-8-2016)