Mitra Lab Albums / Surprise Gifts from my Fall 2016 students

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Thank you all for these surprise gifts!!! I am blessed to have some very motivated students in my lab. That is the greatest gift that I can have as a mentor.

From an anonymous student from Dr. Mitra's BIOL 3134-02 class in Fall 2016.

Anonymous "Thank you Note" that accompanied the Starbucks gift!!!"

Kevin Nguyen's (Dr. Mitra's undergraduate research student) phone adapter gift to the lab. The lab will be able to take pics of algal cells with it!!! Thank you Kevin. This adapter will benefit the lab!!!

Kevin taking pics of cells of the wild type strain and the high light -sensitive mutant algal strain with the phone, using the adapter.

View on the phone

wild tyype strain cells with the normal cup shaped chloroplast

A dividing high light sensitive-mutant strain cell, with greatly reduced and fragmented chloroplast.

A high light sensitive-mutant strain cell showing a tremendously reduced chloroplast and the flagella.

Gift from Joel Page (Dr. Mitra's undergraduate research student)