Log into BanWeb

Step 1

Step 2

  • Enter your Social Security Number as your User Identification Number.
  • Your PIN is set initially as your birth year followed by the last four numbers in your social security number. For example, if you were born on January 3rd, 1970 and your Social Security Number is 123-45-6789, then your INITIAL pin number is: 706789. This will be true even for students who used the web during Spring semester drop/add. You will be required to change your PIN the first time you access Banweb(the screen says your PIN has expired, please change it now). Follow the instructions on the screen. The PIN you choose now will be your permanent PIN. Remember your new PIN - you cannot access Banweb without it!

Register or Drop/Add

  • Note: Students with Learning Support Requirements and/or College Preparatory Deficiencies must go to the Learning Support Office to register or drop/add.
  • Click on the Registration Menu.
  • Use the pull-down menu to select the semester/term and click on Submit Term.
  • If you have any holds which prevent registration & drop/add, you will be told here. Click on View Holds to see these holds. All holds must be removed before you can register or drop/add.
  • If you are registering for the first time or wish to change your schedule, click on Add/Drop Classes. If you are already registered for the semester, your schedule will be displayed. You can search for open classes from this screen by clicking on the Class Search button. Follow the instructions on the screen or click on the Help button if you need help.
  • Important! You must click on the Registration Exit button after you have finished registering or adjusting your schedule and continue clicking on the Exit buttons to exit the system.

Web Registration Tips

Using the Screens

On menus, click on the underlined words, not the blue dots. It may be necessary to scroll down or across to see all the information on the screen. Buttons which allow you change menus or exit the system are at the bottom of the screens.

Special Registration Needs

If you need to do any of the following, you will need to go the Registrar's Office for assistance.

  1. register for a course overload
  2. register for a course as an auditor
  3. register for a course for which you have not met the pre-requisites
  4. register for a course which requires special approval
  5. register for two or more courses with the same course number but different titles
  6. register for a course requiring an independent study form

College of Business majors may also see Diane Williamson, room 140, to register for an overload and register for College of Business courses which have unmet pre-requisites or require special approval.

Searching for Open Classes

You must search on subject and part-of-term for summer.

It is best to search for open courses by using the Class Search screen from the Add/Drop Classes screen. You must select at least one subject to perform a search. Keep your search simple. Search on subject and one or two other search options only.

Search options information:
Course Number is the four digit course number like ENGL 1101. Beginning time will list all courses which begin at the entered time or after.

Courses for which you are already registered and are still open will display on the search list, but will not have the check box to the left of the course. The results of a search will display courses that could result in time conflicts with already registered courses. After selecting a course, click on the Register button to register for the course. Clicking on the Add to Worksheet button will not reserve a space in the class.

Error Messages - What They Mean

  • Time Conflict with 10670 - this course has a time conflict with a course already on your schedule, CRN 10670. Use the pull-down menu in the action field to drop the course causing the conflict, enter the new course CRN in the Add Class block, and click on Submit Changes.
  • Preq and Test Score-Error - this course has a pre-requisite which you have not met. You may seek special permission to add the course from the Chairperson of the Department teaching the course.
  • Closed Section - the enrollment in this course has reached its limit.
  • Major Restriction - only students with selected majors may register for this course. See the Department Chairperson if you wish to take this course as an elective or use it toward a minor.
  • Maximum Hours Exceeded - you need overload permission to add this course to your schedule. Level Restriction - undergraduate students cannot register for graduate level courses.
  • Depart. Approval Required - this course requires departmental approval. You may seek permission to add this course from the Chairperson of the Department teaching the course.
  • Dupl Crse with Sec-10371 - this course has the same course number as a course already on your schedule.
  • Corq ___ Req - this course has a co-requisite. You must register for both courses at the same time by entering the CRN's in the Add Class block.
  • Class Restriction - your class (Fr, So, Jr, Sr, Gr) prevents you from taking this course.

Variable Credit Hour Classes

Banweb will automatically register you for the least possible number of hours credit for courses which have a credit hour range. To change your hours credit, click on Change Class Options. Enter credit hours in whole numbers only. After changing hours credit for a course(s), you must click on View Fee Assessment or your fees will not be correct.

Courses Dropped From Your Schedulee, but not via the Web

These are courses which were dropped from your schedule in the Registrar's Office or another administrative office. On the Web drop/add screen and on the Student Detail Schedule, these courses will display with zero credit hours and the date dropped. On the Student Schedule by Day and Time, these courses will display at the end of the matrix. These courses cannot be re-added on the Web - you must come to the Registrar's Office if you wish to re-add one of these courses.


Miscellaneous Information

Review Class Schedule

  1. Select "Registration"
  2. Use the pull-down menu to select the semester/term.
  3. Select "Submit Term".

You can see your class schedule on a day and time matrix by selecting the Student Schedule by Day and Time button.

You can see your class schedule with day and times, meeting location, and instructor by selecting the Student Detail Schedule button.

Review/Print Transcript

  1. Select "Your Student Information"
  2. Select "Academic Transcript".
  3. Select "Display Transcript".
  4. Use Web browser to print transcript.

Review/Update Your Addresses

  1. Select "Your Personal Addresses"
  2. Select "View or Update Address and Phones".
  3. Use the pull-down menu to select the address type.
  4. Select "View or Update Address and Phones".

Forgotten PIN

Your pin number will be reset by 7:00 a.m. the next day to the last two digits of your birth year followed by the the last four digits of your social security number.

If you have forgotten your PIN navigate to the Forgotten PIN form page.

Students who have requested that no directory information be released must come to the Registrar's Office in person if they have forgotten their PIN.

New PIN's will be established within one working day of the request.

  1. Select "Your Student Information".
  2. Select "Display Grades".
  3. Use the pull-down menu to select the semester/term.
  4. Select "Submit Term".
  5. Select "Display Grades".