The Academic Advisor with UWG Newnan supports students through each stage of their academic career. UWG Newnan strives to connect students with our cross-campus offices that can assist students with academic and personal needs, tutoring, counseling, accessibility services, and financial aid assistance.

Each semester students are required to meet with an Academic Advisor prior to registration to discuss their academic program or discuss programs of interest, program requirements, course selection for the upcoming semester(s), and help students develop a plan of study appropriate for their educational goals to ensure timely graduation.

Prior to registration, students will receive an email to their UWG email account notifying them that it is time to schedule their advisement appointment to discuss courses for the upcoming semester(s). Once students have met with an advisor, their advising hold will be removed and they will be able to register during their specific registration date. Registration time tickets are assigned to currently enrolled students based on their credit hours earned (not including currently enrolled hours). The registration time ticket assigns the student the specific day and time registration will open. Once a student's time begins, they can register any time after that through the end of the drop/add period. All registration dates can be found on The Scoop. A few days prior to registration, it is recommended that students check their holds to ensure that all fees or other holds are cleared on their account. Holds can prevent on-time registration.

Students may meet with the UWG Newnan Academic Advisor by appointment face-to-face, email or by phone. Appointments are necessary – please plan ahead. Click here for help determining Who is your advisor.

Newnan Advisor

Advisor AreaAdvisor Information

0-60 Credit Hours for Undecided and Undeclared, Sociology,

Psychology, Criminology, Social & Behavioral Health, English,

Anthropology, Political Science, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management,

Marketing, Management Information Systems.

Kristopher Jackson

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