Friday, August 1, 2014


UWG Newnan continues to receive donations to help with its ongoing reconstruction project of the historic Newnan Hospital. Barbara Tornow and her children, Kelli and Brett, made a generous contribution to UWG Newnan by donating the funds to name a conference room for the new building, as well as a scholarship for students attending the UWG Newnan. Both donations were made in memory of UWG Newnan’s former director, Robin G. Tornow, known by most as Rob.

UWG Newnan Receives a Donation from Past Director’s Family

After visiting UWG Newnan Director Cathy Wright and Office Manager and Testing Coordinator Teri Lewis to see all of the renovation plans in store for the UWG Newnan, Barbara explains she went home and immediately shared the plans with their children.

“Rob was the director for 11 years here and thoroughly enjoyed his time,” says Barbara. “So that was really the reason why we decided to do it.”

During his tenure as director, a multitude of programs were added to the curriculum, including a master’s in education, the nursing program and a MBA degree. The center was expanded physically as well, including the Graduate Education Center, new buildings, lecture halls, classrooms, offices and restrooms.

“Being an Air Force family of over 29 years with over 15 moves, we can relate to the challenges facing military dependents as they look towards college costs,” explains Barbara. “That was the reason for the scholarship. We believe in continuing your education no matter what. We want to make sure that the scholarship helps immediate members of a military family.”

The Brigadier General Robin G. Tornow Scholarship will be for students who are living in the state of Georgia and pursuing any type of degree at the University of West Georgia in Newnan. Applicants must have a 3.0 or higher GPA. They must also be a dependent of an active duty United States military member who has a minimum of 10 years of service or a dependent of a retired member of the United States military.

“The recent construction happening at UWG Newnan has been long coming and the community is excited for its expansion. Moving to the downtown area will increase visibility and better allow students to participate in the community and add to its growth,” adds Cathy. The work is taking place at the historic Newnan Hospital building on Jackson Street, and it is estimated that it will create 176 new jobs.

Barbara agrees concluding, “The Newnan community is already growing, but education wise I think it really adds to the development of the community; and the more education a community has the better a community is, so it’s nothing but a win-win situation.”