by Jasmine Render

Cultivating works of art, from enriching paintings to detailed sculptures, captivated those who were in attendance of the University of West Georgia College of Arts and Humanities’ annual Juried Student Art Exhibition reception and awards. Students, faculty, staff and members of the community filled the three rooms where art students displayed their hard work.

“When I began, I saw some of Joyce Hoy’s work and I noticed how enticing femininity and women’s empowerment stood out,” said Holly Hammond, artist of “Blue Painting.” “I’m also very drawn to vibrant colors—ones that I see seem to just catch my eye instantly.”

Amelia Lopez won an honorable mention for her work on “Artist’s Hell Box.”

“My art is really inspired by my heritage,” she said. “While researching about Mexican traditions, I got more and more captivating ideas.”

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  • Jose Rivadeneira, "Hugs"
  • Mikey Arauz, "Exhaust"
  • Brandon Boone, "Abstract #10"
  • Paige B. Burton, "Wooden Untitled"
  • Holly Hammond, "Blue Painting"
  • Katie Lowe, "Oppressed"
  • Jon Upshaw, "The Price Of Obesity"
  • Kathleen Whiten, "Blender Blues"
  • Kaysia Brown, "Apple Spider"
  • Kayla Favor, "Bum-rushed"
  • Liza Schubert, "Kuchen Kitchen"

“This is unquestionably everything and anything that embodies the word ‘beautiful,’” said mass communications senior, Jonathan Jebram, as he roamed UWG’s Humanities Building Thursday night.

The award winners are:

  • Best in Show: 2D: Liza Schubert, “Octopi on Stairs,” Oil Paint
  • Best in Show: 3D: Liza Schubert, “Not So Paper Plane,” Stainless Steel
  • First Place: 2D: Kyra Robinson, “Muukalainen Vaara,” artist book
  • First Place: 3D: Jesse Duke, “Bonsho Moon,” sculpture
  • Second Place: 2D: Kaitlin Buck, “The Great 28,” watercolor
  • Second Place: 3D: Leah Gossett, “(Dis)Comfort,” ceramics
  • Third Place: 2D: Jesse Duke, “Boldly Go,” Egg tempera
  • Third Place: 3D: Cecilie Redding, “Moon Beams,” ceramics
  • Merit Prize 1: Paige P. Burton, “Untitled,” sculpture
  • Merit Prize 2: Amelia Lopez, “Artist Hell Box,” artist book
  • Merit Prize 3: Katie Lowe, “Angst,” painting, mixed media

The artwork will be on display through March 1 in the Bobick Gallery and Gallery 2 in Humanities.

Posted on January 31, 2018