by Emily Wurst

Faculty members at the University of West Georgia are proud recipients of many grants, awards and reputable recognitions. Dr. Rosemary Kellison, assistant professor of philosophy and religion at UWG, was recently selected for a research fellowship with the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. Kellison spent last fall semester at the Kroc Institute at Notre Dame researching and writing for her upcoming book project.

Dr. Rosemary Kellison“I was very excited to be selected to spend a semester at the Kroc Institute,” Kellison said. “I knew it would give me time to focus on my research and to do so in a setting with lots of resources relevant to my project.”

Kellison’s project is a book about the Just War Tradition, a set of principles and morals governing modern warfare. Specifically, she is examining the fine lines between accidents, intentional harm and war crimes from the perspective of feminist moral philosophy. By spending a semester at the Kroc Institute, Kellison was able to surround herself with resources to aid in her research on these topics.

“Being at Kroc had a strong influence on the direction of my research project because I was able to learn much more about the field of peace studies,” she explained. “This exposure helped me to think more deeply about the relationship between the morality of war and the morality of peace, which is a topic that has interested just war thinkers for centuries.”

To be given opportunity to study and research at Kroc is a notable accomplishment, explained Dr. Walter Riker, director of the philosophy program at UWG.

“The Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies is an important and well-regarded center for the study of war and peace,” Riker said. “Kroc research fellows come from prestigious universities around the world, and we are very pleased that Dr. Kellison’s work has been recognized by them. This sort of recognition draws attention to the philosophy program and in particular to the quality of the scholarship produced here.”

While at Kroc, Kellison nearly completed her book. She finished the manuscript after returning home, and it is currently being reviewed for publication. In addition to research and writing, she shared conversations with Kroc students and faculty and presented a lecture for them.

The knowledge Kellison gained during her fellowship adds to her impressive background in religious studies and research, which Riker praises highly.

“Dr. Kellison contributes a lot to the philosophy program,” he said. “She is our expert on religion. Dr. Kellison supports student research and has served as the advisor to the West Georgia Philosophical Society for a couple of years now. She is a great colleague and teacher.”

Kellison is looking forward to implementing the lessons she learned at Kroc in her own classrooms at UWG.

“My time at Kroc continues to have a significant impact now that I’m back at UWG,” she said. “I learned a lot about the fields of peace studies, international law and religious ethics that I am excited to share with students here.”

Posted on August 2, 2017