by Katie Stepp

Jan Wilson’s goal has always been student success, and her commitment to collaboration and love for her profession shines throughout her work.

That is one of the reasons the University of West Georgia College of Education (COE) 2016 alumna was named in the inaugural class of Scholastic Library Publishing’s School Librarian of the Year Heroes.

Jan Wilson
Photo courtesy of Gwinnett County Public Schools

Wilson, a media specialist at Brookwood High School in Snellville, Ga., was awarded the 2017 Hero of Collaboration from the School Library Journal. The other three categories for heroes included Hero of Equitable Access, Hero of Family Outreach and the Maker Hero.

“This award was presented to me as an individual, but the teachers, students and administrators at Brookwood High School deserve recognition for the media program as well,” she said on her honor. “I’m blessed to have a community of creativity and passion surrounding me. The most important relationships are the ones I form with teachers and students.”

She received $500 worth of school materials from Scholastic Library Publishing.

But Wilson’s enthusiasm extends far beyond the library. Some of her involvements include the Instructional Leadership Committee, Teacher Selection Committee for National Honor Society, sponsoring the Reading Club and Readers Rally team, and chaperoning band camp.

“It is important for students to see faculty outside of the classroom and school day, so you will see me attending many activities such as sports events, fine arts performances, talent shows and community pep rallies,” she said. “I believe that interaction outside of the school day increases the likelihood of interaction during the school day.”

Wilson explained that her prior experience in the classroom as a teacher allows her to relate to and collaborate easily with other teachers. Even as a media specialist, she is constantly searching for ways to develop relationships with those around her at school as well as those in the greater community.

She credits her time as an online student in the COE’s Educational Specialist in School Library Media program for teaching her how to build positive partnerships.

“The ability to collaborate with others in my profession from around the state had the most impact on me,” Wilson shared. “My course studies at UWG kept me current with educational research and student learning styles. I’ve incorporated new ideas into my media program as a result of my classes and collaborations.”

Posted on February 5, 2018