by Emily Wurst

For many people, “love” is simply a word that is a part of everyday speech or conversation. Especially around Valentine’s Day, people can become numb to the sentiment. For University of West Georgia alumna Kim Wilson, however, love is more than a word or idea; it’s a way of life.

Kim Wilson
UWG alumna Kim Wilson is the owner of Wilson Professional Counseling and Consulting in Carrollton.

“When I started my business back in 2013, I started it with the intention of inspiring the masses,” Wilson said. “I wanted to spread love. That’s my thing. Because I think love heals; love wins.”

For Wilson, the path to finding a career she was passionate about was ongoing. While attending UWG, she majored in mass communications and minored in psychology. She always knew she wanted to help and inspire people. However, she did not discover her passion for counseling until she was landed a job in the mass communications industry.

“I started working at this radio station,” Wilson said. “I was the announcer, but I always found a way to pump my own positive words and quotes in there.

“One day, this lady called in after I had given out one of my quotes,” Wilson continued. “She was crying, and she told me how she loved listening to me. That day, I knew that there was a higher call that I needed to answer.”

Wilson is finally answering that call—just in time for Valentine’s Day. On Tuesday, Feb. 7, Wilson will continue her mission of inspiring others by launching her very own podcast. She sees this as an opportunity to bring together her training in counseling with mass communications to create content she hopes will inspire a broad audience.

The podcast will focus on three different areas of relationships: romantic, family and professional. Appropriately, it is debuting during a time of year when many people feel anxious or pressured about love and relationships. Whether or not a romantic relationship is of concern, Wilson feels assured every listener will take away something from the podcast.

“There is no place you’re going to go in life where you don’t have a relationship with somebody,” Wilson explained. “You’re going to have a relationship with your family members, your coworkers, your spouse or the person who does your hair. Relationships are either going to add to your happiness or deduct from it; I’m into the adding.”

At the end of the day, Wilson said that love is always her motivation for her work.

“It’s tried and true, because every success that I have had in my life is because somebody helped me and loved me,” Wilson said. “Help is love. Respect is love. . . It saves me every single day. So love wins.”

Posted on February 1, 2017