by Nikole Gianopoulos

The University of West Georgia’s The WOLF Internet Radio was selected as a finalist in the category of Best Station Imaging for College Broadcasters, Inc.’s (CBI) 2015 National Student Production Awards. This marks the second time in less than a year that The WOLF Internet Radio has been named as a finalist in a national competition.

College Broadcasters, Inc. awards
Photo credit: College Broadcasters, Inc.

“This award allows us to showcase multiple student talents to show multiple reasons why The WOLF Internet Radio is the best station,” said Operations Manager Shawn Isaacs.

All entries were entirely student-produced for a campus media outlet or college credit course. The contest was open to all campus radio stations including (over-the-air, Internet, and cable/closed circuit) television facilities and other student media outlets.

Best Station Imaging is a highly coveted compliment in the radio realm and only two radio stations out of the entire nation were chosen as finalists for this prestigious category. The category encompasses station IDs, promos, sweepers, liners, jingles, and any other creative use of voice, music, sound effects, video footage, and graphics/visuals that promote and enhance a campus station’s image/identity.

“Winning this award means so much because I know how much work was put into it, and it's always rewarding to accomplish something like that,” explained Production Manager Autumn Thomason.

CBI will host the 2015 National Student Electronic Media Convention on October 22-24 where the winners will be announced.

Posted on September 1, 2015