by Sheryl Marlar

The WOLF Internet Radio at the University of West Georgia joined more than 500 radio stations in 29 countries recently in celebrating College Radio Day (CRD) with a global marathon broadcast event.

College Radio Day sign with signaturesOrganized by the College Radio Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity formed by individuals who work in college radio full-time, the purpose of CRD is to raise the profile of college radio stations around the world and encourage student participation.

In addition, CRD strives to raise awareness of the high school and college radio stations that operate around the country and the world and encourage those who wouldn’t normally listen to college radio to become regular listeners.

Shawn Isaacs, general manager of The WOLF Internet Radio, said the purpose of WOLF radio is not only to be a traditional radio medium but a cross-platform content creator.

“The theme of CRD this year was Hear it First on College Radio, so we adopted Hear it First on the WOLF Internet Radio,” he explained.

Ariana Carter is the social media director for The WOLF and said she feels that events like Radio Day make her job more special.

“College Radio Day is more than just what plays on the radio, it is everything,” Carter said. “It’s what brings all of us together. I work closely with everyone at the station and when there are events like this, what works best is when everyone gives their all.”

According to college radio is the only free live medium to play unsigned, local and independent artists on a regular basis with their unique and fearless programming. Many famous and successful bands today got their initial break after being heard on college radio.

As the promotions director at The WOLF, Jazmyne Dedrick was tasked with others to come up with ideas for activities that would appeal to the audience – giving her a chance to really connect with her peers while explaining the importance of college radio.

“This experience gave me insight into what planning a remote event would look like once entering the world of radio,” Dedrick explained.

The College Radio Day Task Force selected The WOLF Internet Radio for one of the six Spirit of College Radio Day awards last fall. They were selected from hundreds of colleges that participate in College Radio Day events.

As it would be expected, Isaacs is proud of the continued success of The WOLF Internet Radio and its amazing student staff.

“College Radio Day gives us the chance to showcase The WOLF in all its facets,” he concluded.

Posted on October 25, 2019