The Prevention and Advocacy Resource Center (PARC) recently renamed its annual volunteer award The Dr. N. Jane McCandless Leadership Award. The name change served to honor Dr. N. Jane McCandless for her two-decade long service to the community through the organization. PARC is a nonprofit organization that works closely with the University of West Georgia to prevent sexual violence and assist those who have experienced sexual assault. Dr. McCandless, who works as the dean of the College of Social Sciences (COSS) at UWG, has served as a chair of the board at PARC in the past and currently serves as a board member.

Left to right: Rob Dial, Dr. N. Jane McCandless
Left to right: Rob Dial, Dr. N. Jane McCandless

One example of her involvement in an important PARC event is her continuous help in orchestrating the annual Night in Lights fundraiser.

“Night in Lights is our signature fundraiser – an event where Christmas wreathes and trees are created by different groups within the community, several of which usually come from the College of Social Sciences,” Rob said.

“It’s another way that Dr. McCandless and the college have been instrumental […], another example of her just rolling up her sleeves and doing whatever needed to be done at the time to make the event successful.”

Dr. McCandless is forming a long legacy of active community service that others can follow.

“I know that her leadership has indirectly influenced people at the college, including students, to become involved with PARC,” PARC Board Member and Associate Dean of COSS Dr. Amber Smallwood said. “Her leadership has both direct and indirect ripple effects that have led to the success of PARC.”

Those who will receive this award in the future will exhibit qualities important to the center and in line with Dr. McCandless’ legacy.

“There is only one attribute expected from the recipient of this award, and that is to work tirelessly towards stopping the violence,” said Dr. McCandless.

Dr. McCandless said she was “humbled” to receive this honor. At the time of the announcement, Rose Holley was also recognized as the first recipient of the award.

“Rose Holley has been a tireless supporter and has been a huge help in volunteering,” Rob said.

Volunteers like Dr. McCandless and Rose play a vital role in making Carrollton safe. Nationwide statistics indicate that every 107 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. In addition, each year there are roughly 293,000 victims of sexual assault. PARC is the community’s lifeline in times of crisis, and Dr. McCandless has proven herself as a powerful life preserver.

Posted on June 1, 2015