by Gerri Marroquin

The University of West Georgia College of Social Sciences and the Community Foundation of West Georgia held their fourth annual All-College Service Day on Friday, Aug. 26. Students, faculty and staff volunteered at various community based projects and organizations in the City of Carrollton and on campus.

“The purpose of this event is to provide members of the UWG community with a meaningful way to partner directly with community organizations and who are working toward positive change in our community,” Associate Professor Dr. Jeannette Diaz said.

With a total of 65 volunteers, eight community projects and organizations were served. Since the beginning, the service day has always benefited veterans, seniors, children and adults experiencing poverty, and the environment.

Volunteers, who were divided into groups and assigned to one project, visited the following: UWG Community Garden, Ingram Library, Carroll County Animal Shelter, Keep Carroll Beautiful, Georgia Native Plant Society, Manna House Food Pantry, Peace at Home Project and Art for All.

“When you help others it gives you a sense of warmth in your heart knowing you did something good for the day,” said UWG sophomore James Washington who served at the Manna House Food Pantry.

The UWG Community Garden was one of the popular projects with 16 volunteers, more than half being members of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Volunteers helped maintain and plant new gardens that will help feed and educate local families on fresh fruits and vegetables.

“It benefits us to have student volunteers to help the garden grow, but the intent is to not so much to grow a garden but to give students the opportunity to learn about gardening,” James Hembree, UWG grounds superintendent, said.

COSS’ All College Service Day has grown within the past four years. Students, faculty and staff from each department within the College of Social Sciences participate. More projects and organizations have been added each year to the service day due to the high number of interested volunteers.

“In the future we hope to expand this project by having more than one volunteer day so as to better accommodate the number of people who wish to volunteer as the needs of the volunteer sites,” Diaz said.

Videos by Eric Nauert and Derick Lingerfelt

Posted on September 9, 2016