by Taylor Bryant

Twenty-six University of West Georgia students’ research abstracts were recently accepted by the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. Seventeen of the 26 students will travel with the Honors College to present their research at the conference, held on April 15-19 in Cherry, Washington.

2015 NCUR logo“The Office of Undergraduate Research has been the secret ingredient to the success of our best students gaining acceptance into elite graduate programs,” said Michael Hester, dean of UWG Honors College. “By establishing themselves as scholars during their undergraduate years, these students are well-positioned for future greatness.”

NCUR is an interdisciplinary conference where students representing universities and colleges from all around the U.S., and internationally, present their research and creative works in oral, poster and performance/visual arts presentation. NCUR is unique in that it allows students from any academic curriculum to submit research for acceptance.

“Every submitted abstract from UWG was accepted. This proves that our students have worked very hard on their research,” said Stacey Rowland, manager of Undergraduate Research. “This volume of acceptance on a national level is proof that UWG students are among the best in quality research.”

The accepted research topics vary across eight different categories, including, but not limited to marketing, literature, education, physics, and sustainability.

Below is a list of the 2015 NCUR accepted students, research categories, and titles.

  • Marshala Cofer, Laney Zahner, Kaylee Bronson, Sandra Santiago – Marketing, Bookstore-More than Just Books!
  • Nathan Davies, Kendall Pearson – Marketing, Security in the Greek Village
  • Matthew Grindstaff, Rachel Barda, Joseph Duda – Marketing, Mall Mania
  • Monique Hyman – Linguistics and World Languages, Rasta Rhetoric: Dissembling Boundaries Between Self and Others
  • Jovan Johnson – Sustainability, Southwire Sustainable Business Honors Program
  • Sarah Martino – Physics, Investigation of Temperature Dependent PL on Cadmium Selenide Quantum Dots Prepared by UV-Photolithography
  • V. Michelle Michael – Education, Cope, Compromise, or Create: Revisiting International Students’ Experiences at an American University
  • V. Michelle Michael – Education, Using Technology to Diagnose and Correct Math Errors: A Professional Development Strategy in Teacher Education
  • Raven Ponder, Rebecca Lartey, Amanda Voyles, Brittany Pilgreen – Business/Finance/Accounting, Curves: Attracting the Younger Generation
  • Lenora Popken – Literature, Change at the Loving Hands of Mother Nature
  • Danielle Smith – Literature, Language of Self-Examination and Remodeling in the Autobiographies of Olaudah Equiano and Benjamin Franklin
  • Katherine Smith – Cell and Molecular Biology, Functional Genomic Characterization of a Light Sensitive Chlamydomonas ReindardtII Mutant Defective in Photosynthesis
  • Jared Thacker – Physics, Reflectivity Modeling for a Distributed Bragg Reflector
  • Amy Thompson, Lauren Handley, Tamir Bryant – Marketing, Chick-Fil-A: Coffee for Central America
  • Tai Truong – Cell and Molecular Biology, Functional Genomic Characterization of a Light Sensitive Chlamydomonas ReindardtII Mutant Defective in Photosynthesis
Posted on March 6, 2015