by Gabriel Guzman

Twenty-seven University of West Georgia students’ abstracts were accepted for the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, making it a record-breaking number in UWG history. From those accepted, 21 students will travel to Memphis, Tenn. on April 6 to present their work.

A student taking notesNCUR is an interdisciplinary conference where a diverse amount of colleges and universities, including internationally, send their students to present their research and creative works in oral, poster, performance and visual arts presentation.

“Personally, I am excited about NCUR because it provides me with a platform to share with others something I really care about—my research on Ian McEwan's Atonement,” said English major Sydney Bollinger. “While writing this research paper over the summer, I had no intention of submitting it to any conferences, but as I fell in love with the novel and my topic, Dr. Shannon Finck guided me toward opportunities to present my work.

“My acceptance to NCUR is amazing. I can receive feedback from peers and faculty at other universities, as well as prepare myself for a graduate program, if I choose to attend one.”

NCUR is unique because it allows students from any academic curriculum to submit research. Over 60 UWG students participated in these projects, and they vary across anthropology, biology, business and finance, chemistry, communications, creative writing, English, marketing, philosophy, physics and poetry.

“No one would deny that scholars must demonstrate solid research and writing in order to prove their expertise, but it is equally important for them to articulate their ideas and field challenging questions,” said Assistant Professor and Director of Film Studies Dr. Erin Mock. “Developing scholars need opportunities to practice these skills, so I am delighted that UWG is so well represented this year.”

The students presenting at the conference have worked hard to see their ideas progress into work that is recognized at a national level.

“It’s exciting to see ideas that I had in my living room develop into something that earned me a trip to a national conference to present and receive feedback from my peers,” said participant West Poindexter. “It seems like it'll be an interesting experience, not just the presentation or the conference, but the whole four day excursion.”

Research accepted includes: Bringing Dunkin’ Donuts to UWG, by Ruth Mesfin; and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: The Spaghetti Western and Leone’s Frontier by Christa Young.

Posted on March 22, 2017