by Bryan Lindenberger

Spread the word: University of West Georgia Newnan is expanding its upper level, in-class offerings for business majors.

Smiling business studentThat is the message from Monica Williams Smith, assistant dean of the Richards College of Business, herself a UWG business alum.

“A business major can already complete his or her bachelor’s degree with limited trips to the Carrollton campus through a combination of classroom learning and online courses,” Smith said. “In the coming academic year, we are offering additional, upper-level learning opportunities.”

These 3000- and 4000-level business courses will include Principles of Marketing in fall 2019 with Statistics for Business I and Management offered in spring 2020.

The following academic year, UWG Newnan will add three additional in-class courses. These will include Statistics for Business II, Management of Information Systems, and Operations Management.

Smith sees the expanded offerings in Newnan as important to student retention, progression and graduation rates.

“Shortening the commute for students in our community impacts their lives with greater convenience and fewer missed classes,” Smith said. “For our adult learners who are working, the time saved by taking these upper-level courses in Newnan will provide a great benefit.”

With additional local offerings, Smith believes UWG Newnan will attract both traditional and adult-learner students in Coweta County who may currently take no classes at all.

Another benefit is that by connecting more Richards College of Business faculty with Newnan, students may be introduced to electives they had not initially considered.

Cheryl O’Meara Brown, a faculty member since 2004, will join in teaching Principles of Marketing at UWG Newnan in fall 2019. In doing so, she brings her experience in fashion marketing to Newnan and can introduce her students to that elective and potential career.

Another important aspect of growth at UWG Newnan is the recent introduction of a full-time, on-site academic adviser, Lauren Allen. As with the expanded course offerings themselves, a dedicated adviser at UWG Newnan provides greater access for students living in the Newnan area.

“The power of having an academic adviser for all UWG students – not just business – is what makes this growth in offerings a complete package,” Smith said.

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Posted on April 8, 2019