by Mary David Miller

The University of West Georgia has added a new student services team to UWG Newnan. Brittany Cook, student enrollment specialist, and Jessie Belcher, student development specialist, are both residents of Newnan as well as UWG alumni. Through their new roles as the student services team at UWG Newnan, they are excited to give back to their alma mater and the Newnan community. 

A trio of students walking at UWG NewnanThis new addition to UWG Newnan will compliment the mission of the school and the department in increasing student involvement and expanding the campus life at UWG Newnan.

“Through the support of the vice president's Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Office, Carrollton, and Newnan administration, along with community partners, we are excited to serve students at the Newnan Center,” Jessie said.

The purpose of the student services team is to focus on the students and their experience on a college campus. The department deals with financial aid, health services, career services, the counseling center and more.

“Our mission is to enhance the engagement, development and success of the students at the Newnan Center,” Jessie explained. “Our vision for student services is to provide the ultimate university experience for students at UWG Newnan by offering student life activities, events, leadership experiences and community services, all while promoting campus life, academic excellence and student success.”

Currently, UWG Newnan offers select courses of study to complement and expand the UWG experience.

Posted on July 15, 2016