by Jason McCurry

A love of community and serving others are two things that set University of West Georgia student Amelia Farmer apart from most young people her age.

Amelia FarmerFarmer has always had a servant’s heart. She is president on the senior board for Swim Across America, a national nonprofit that is dedicated to raising money for cancer research through nationwide swimming events. Farmer and her teammates raised $14,000 last year for cancer research in honor of their friend Parker Solberg, who has a brain tumor on his left optic nerve.

She is also working on her future self to ensure she has the resources to make a broader impact.

While Farmer is a senior at Central High school, she is also dual enrolled at UWG, where she is part of the Southwire Sustainable Business Honors Program (SSBH).

“Near the end of my sophomore year of high school, I found myself searching for more challenging curriculum than I was facing in high school,” she recalled. “When the opportunity to dual enroll full time arose, I knew I was properly prepared and ready to take on whatever challenges it might bring.”

The intent of SSBH program is to mold a new generation of business leaders who focus not only on profit but also on social, environmental and ethical responsibility.

“When I first heard about the Southwire Sustainable Business Honors Program, I didn’t think it was a program I was even eligible to be a part of,” Farmer said. “However, my advisor through the Advanced Academy encouraged me to reach out to the program advisors anyway.”

And like most things we are meant to do in life, they keep showing up.

“The more I heard about the program, the more I wanted to be a part of it,” she said. “Between gaining tons of work experience and being placed on a fast track to an MBA, the program was too good to pass up. Just like my opportunity to dual enroll full time, SSBH was a challenge and a gift I felt ready to accept.”

When asked about the main factors of growth during her time in the SSBH program, Farmer mentioned how impactful the group projects were in relation to what she learned.

“For the first time in my life, I’ve had to learn to step back and let someone else lead, or lead with others beside me in our cohort based group projects, and it has been a really wonderful learning experience for me,” she said. “In my time in the program, I can already see myself becoming a better leader, both in and out of the business program.”

Amelia FarmerFarmer has left an impression on those she works with at the Richards College of Business. Dr. Faye McIntyre, dean of the Richards College of Business and Sewell Chair of Private Enterprise, has worked closely with Farmer and had nothing but praise.

“Amelia is an amazing young woman who is already very accomplished,” McIntyre said. “As part of the SSBH program, Amelia has worked with her teammates on a project for 12 for Life and completed crisis communications training at Southwire. She has worked in the Richards College of Business dean’s office since spring and is motivated, efficient and a pleasure to work with.”

In addition to the SSBH program, Farmer is also part of the Blue Coats, a select group of student leaders who represent the university through the Division of University Advancement. She plans to graduate from UWG with her bachelor’s degree in 2018 and her MBA in Fall 2019.

(Times-Georgian reporter Corey Cusick contributed to this article.)

Posted on September 1, 2017