by Emily Sprewell

The Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy at the University of West Georgia recently hosted an event to educate UWG fraternity and sorority members on financial well being. Members from all four fraternity and sorority councils attended the interactive event, with attendees playing games with financial lessons embedded in them.

Kim Holder, the director of the CEEFL and the special coordinator for the president on financial literacy, explained that the event is intended to help students take back control of their financial lives. 

Eric Smith
Eric Smith

The event featured guest speaker Eric Smith, the founder of The Financial Literacy Coach, who spoke to students about financial literacy and ways students can manage their money effectively. 

Holder said the event was targeted to sorority and fraternity members because she knew the event could thus reach a large number of students who would be eager to participate.

“I have worked with fraternity and sorority leaders to do some financial literacy in the past,” said Holder. “So this was the natural next step to work with their members at large and bring them all together in one place. I really believe that people are more powerful when we find something that unifies them.”

Holder explained that the event could not have happened without the generosity of their donors, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hammond and Chick-fil-A of Carrollton. 

Speaker, leaders of fraternity groups on campus, and program supporters Bill and Chris Hammond
Speaker, leaders of fraternity groups on campus, and program supporters Bill and Chris Hammond

This fall, the CEEFL and the Financial Literacy Fitness Club will host a meeting in November that will focus on financially friendly shopping strategies for the holidays.

UWG’s CEEFL was founded in 1972 and has been active for 47 years. The CEEFL is affiliated with both the state and national council on economic education.

Posted on November 8, 2019