by Victoria Collier

A triple major, businesswoman and leader on campus, Nikkita Gordon does it all and more.

Gordon is a senior at the University of West Georgia and is majoring in accounting, business management and marketing. Also, while majoring in these three difficult subjects and juggling extracurricular activities, she owns and operates her own business known as Cute & Cocky. After graduation, she plans to become an accountant while simultaneously growing her business.

When asked about why she decided to triple major Gordon said, “I wanted to be knowledgeable in all areas, specifically in business management and accounting. Marketing is a talent, so I wanted to be skilled in that as well.”

Being your own Boss

Nikkita GordonBeing a business owner and a full-time student is no easy task, but Gordon does it with grace and ease thanks to the resources at the Richards College of Business. Cute & Cocky is her consignment and apparel line designed specifically to hold all of your self-defense items.

“I always felt hesitant about where I can and cannot go, so self-defense products are something I am interested in, and it made me think how can I carry it?” she recalled. “My solution to this was designing.”

Gordon makes an assortment of items, such as business blazers (which she was wearing during our interview), jackets, hoodies and purses. She describes her business as a one-lady show but gives a huge thanks to the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center (SBDC) housed at the Richards College of Business for helping her improve Cute & Cocky. She’s also a member of the Burson Center, which is a great source for local small business, providing access to accountants, lawyers and graphic designers.

In addition, owning your own business is a great networking opportunity. Gordon has competed in and placed at the Georgia Bowl Business Plan sponsored by the Richards College of Business and the TYE Young Entrepreneur Business Plan competition at Georgia Tech.

Taking Advantage of Going West

Part of the reason why Gordon is successful is because she takes advantage of all the resources on campus that are available. She originally came to West Georgia for the track team after being the captain of her high school’s team. Unfortunately, she didn’t make the team and decided to focus more on her schoolwork. This minor setback encouraged her to think in a business mindset and build the foundation to the work effect she has now. Currently, she is the Management Club president, a student leader for the Dean’s Council and works at UWG’s Publications and Printing as well as East Commons Dining Hall.

“I do a lot of marketing campaigns, so I reach out to different departments and bring them together,” she explained. “I’ve also worked in collaboration with the Center of Diversity and Inclusion and the Student Activities Council to help them organize an event. Currently, I’m working on a project with University Police, and it’s all coming together. I also have my own hairstyling business, Nikkita's Styles.”

To add to this growing pile of accomplishments, she finally made the track team, which proves that determination and hard work does pay off.

Tips for Success

Nikkita Gordon“My advice to freshmen is to not come to college undecided. Make sure to secure your major,” she shared. “By securing a major, you can engage and create the right network with the right people to get ahead.”

Having a mentor is a great resource, too. Gordon is extremely grateful for Professor Rick Sigman’s mentoring. Sigman was her initial business consultant at the SBDC, and thanks to him she was able to get her business incorporated. She said he’s doing an excellent job as a professor now, and she appreciates all he’s taught her.

Moreover, the Richards College of Business has helped with her confidence and communication skills. She encourages students to get involved on campus because it helps them express their ideas and work on their public speaking skills.

Gordon plans to finish off her college career with three internships and by studying abroad in South Africa. She says she’s excited to see her business grow and looks forward to the challenges life has to offer.

Posted on September 27, 2017