by Geraldine Marroquin

University of West Georgia students enrolled in Dr. Erich B. Bergiel’s Organizational Theory and Behavior MBA class were in for a special experience on June 15. On what was expected to be an ordinary presentation day, students were surprised with a visit from Ink Master’s Craig Foster.

Craig Foster“Students were amazed, and the overall experience was extremely memorable and incredibly beneficial,” Dr. Bergiel said.

Students in Dr. Bergiel’s summer class were assigned to study and present on an episode of Ink Master, a popular reality show on Spike TV. The show allows tattoo artists to showcase their artistic skills by competing in various challenges.

Students analyzed an episode for specific behavior in the contestants and tried to distinguish the difference between subjective and objective reality. Topics covered within the presentations were causes of stress, perceptions of ethics, and personality assessments.

It wasn’t until a few moments before the presentations began that Dr. Bergiel surprised his students with the show’s star. Craig, who appeared as a contestant in season three and six of Ink Master, assisted Dr. Bergiel in critiquing the students’ analysis of the television show.

“I can vividly recall the loud, joint gasp our class let out as we each individually processed what was happening,” student Salvador J. Lopez said. “The added pressure of presenting in front of Craig, often about Craig, made for a very interesting dynamic.”

After the class presentations, Craig, a team member at Carrollton’s Skinwerks Tattoo and Design, engaged in a group discussion with the students. He spoke about his time on the show and the opportunities it has given him. He also talked about the constant struggle of wanting to be himself while also trying to maintain a persona on the show.

“I am sincerely grateful for Dr. Bergiel and Craig Foster’s execution of a memory I will be talking about for years to come,” Salvador continued. “Dr. Bergiel truly understands his students and genuinely cares for them as people.”

Photo courtesy of Dirk Behlau.

Posted on June 28, 2016