by Amy K. Lavender

The University of West Georgia’s Richards College of Business is helping inspire the next generation of change-makers by sponsoring Mountainfilm on Tour ATL Kidz Kino at Carrollton Elementary on August 25.

UWG Encourages Sustainability by Sponsoring Kidz KinoMountainfilm is a nonprofit "dedicated to educating, inspiring, and motivating audiences about issues that matter, cultures worth exploring, environments worth preserving, adventures worth pursuing, and conversations worth sustaining," according to their website at

Kidz Kino gives Mountainfilm the opportunity to inspire children to positively impact their world with a one hour film program complete with playlists and engaging, age-appropriate films sourced from their annual festival, Mountainfilm on Tour ATL. The program is tailored for children in kindergarten through fourth grade in an effort to inspire them to "carry the torch of positive change, for the environment and the people in it, into the future."

Among other sponsors, the Richards College of Business is the tour's education sponsor and asked to bring the experience to local children in hopes of inspiring area kids to think about sustainability today so that they can be agents of change tomorrow.

UWG shares a mission with Mountainfilm to promote sustainability. UWG seeks ways to do this both on campus and in the community by sponsoring and hosting events and initiatives that support the value we place on maintaining ecological balance in our planning and operations.

“Kidz Kino is a selection of films that have themes of adventure, environment and culture," said Dean of the Richards College of Business and Sewell Chair of Private Enterprise Dr. Faye McIntyre. "Starting these conversations and providing children at an early age with thought provoking films are important first steps to the sustainability of our future. The Richards College is proud to be an education sponsor for this program, because we believe that Mountainfilm on Tour ATL provides our community with an avenue to educate and begin necessary conversations.”

Posted on August 19, 2015