by Colton Campbell

When he was in high school, William Cross would wake up with numb hands. He’d spin around in circles beside his bed to get blood circulating to his fingertips.

William CrossWhile experiencing that same daily sensation (or, rather, the lack thereof), Cross – now a University of West Georgia student in the Richards College of Business – realized what he wanted his life’s work to be.

“I knew I wanted to be a voice and an advocate for people like me, and I felt it was my calling to advance the cause toward a cure in my own way,” said Cross, who plans to graduate later this year.

A senior in business management, Cross serves as the CEO of VasoCorp, an independent supplier of health products whose flagship product is NeuropAWAY, a supplement that improves blood supply to damaged and needy nerves.

As the CEO of VasoCorp, and the co-founder of the nonprofit FYI Diabetes, Cross recently met with more than 20 U.S. senators and representatives who are members of the Congressional Caucus on Diabetes. The team from FYI Diabetes walked away with the support from the caucus.

“To be able to speak one-on-one with legislators who carry such a great amount of influence on funding into progressive new ideas on diabetes research was nothing short of amazing,” Cross said. “I honestly believe that if it wasn’t for the education I’m gaining at UWG – and how the university has made me an incredibly more well-rounded person – we would not have been given this opportunity.”

FYI Diabetes’ focus is two-fold: to raise money necessary to continue the funding of promising research into diabetes and to raise awareness by providing educational resources in an effort to prevent and eventually cure the disease.

To that end, the nonprofit organization has raised more than $100,000 from sponsors and donors, with Cross’ company VasoCorp donating a percentage of its sales to the nonprofit.

William Cross and Sen. Tim Scott
William Cross and Sen. Tim Scott

Cross – who grew up in Mt. Zion, a small town near UWG’s campus – said the faculty members he’s encountered in the Richards College of Business have been “incredible resources.”

“They’ve always been there when I needed a hand, whether it was getting my business plan together or maintaining different aspects of the business and nonprofit,” Cross said. “I’ve met several faculty members, especially Rick Sigman, who took a particular interest in me and the work I’m doing. I truly feel like they want me to succeed.”

Cross said that “friendly, helpful environment” is his favorite part of attending UWG.

“Being a student at UWG has made me much more open to asking for help than I was before I enrolled,” Cross said. “I would have never walked up to someone to ask them a question, but now I’m not afraid to ask questions or help because I feel like everyone at UWG is really a part of a team and network of individuals who are there to help me.”

Posted on April 29, 2019