by Britty Johnson

Earlier this year, Southwire Company, the largest producer of electrical wire and cables in North America, gifted two four-year scholarships to two incoming University of West Georgia freshmen in the Richards College of Business. The Carrollton-based company awarded the students with what was previously known as the Southwire Sustainable Business Honors (SSBH) Program Scholarship.

The four-year scholarship has been renamed the Stuart Thorn Scholarship in honor of Southwire’s outgoing CEO and President Stu Thorn. Stu’s 20-year legacy of executive leadership and high-impact accomplishments includes roles such as directing all North American operations, overseeing international business operations, and leading the creation of the 12 for Life program.

“This is a tremendous honor, and I am very grateful to the Richards College of Business,” Stu said. “Together, we are developing future business leaders who understand how to build business success for the next generation, not just the next quarterly earnings report. I can think of no greater legacy.”

Katlyn BradshawThe recipients of the scholarship are Katlyn Bradshaw and Jacob Stanfill. Both students will be awarded $5,000 annually for up to four years as long as they remain in the SSBH Program. The qualifications for this scholarship are based on rigorous academic and extracurricular criteria, proof of leadership potential and a dedication to community service. The recipients must also maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 and remain enrolled in the SSBH Program for the duration of their studies at UWG.

Katlyn says she is truly honored and thankful to receive the scholarship.

“Receiving this scholarship makes me feel as if I can achieve anything through hard work and dedication,” Katlyn said. “The Southwire Sustainable Business Honors Program is an inspiring program that enables me to pursue my passion, and this scholarship extends that many steps further. I would like to thank Dr. McIntyre and Mr. Thorn for this remarkable honor.”

Second recipient Jacob Stanfill expresses similar excitement about the scholarship.

Jacob Stanfill“I am honored to be named the recipient of the Stuart Thorn Scholarship and to be a part of the Southwire Sustainability Business Honors Program,” Jacob said. “This scholarship will allow me to complete my studies at the University of West Georgia without an enormous amount of debt. But more importantly, by being a part of the program, I will have numerous opportunities to develop my business and leadership skills outside of the classroom. I am very grateful to Mr. Thorn and Richards College of Business for this generous support. I look forward to learning and growing as a future businessman at the University of West Georgia.”

The only one of its kind in the nation, the Southwire Sustainable Business Honors Program allows students to work closely with Southwire’s division presidents while earning their bachelor’s and master’s degrees simultaneously. Built upon Southwire’s tenets, “Building Worth, Growing Green, Living Well, Doing Right, and Giving Back,” the SSBH Program is preparing students to lead thriving businesses for future generations along with UWG’s business instructors, who incorporate the tenets into lectures, assignments, projects and experiences.

Posted on December 1, 2015